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Got Some Stuff To Sell? Try Swap Shop Radio

Swap shop

My five year old son and I love to listen to Swap Shop Radio. I think he gets more excited than I do. When he hears it start he will yell “KSID radio swap shot! KSID radio swap shot!” And no matter how many times I tell him that it is radio swap shop, he still insists on referring to it as KSID radio swap shot . But it is cute when he yells it, so I have let it go.

Frankly, I think he likes it so much because it has become something of a tradition for us to listen together. But I like it so much because of all of the swap and shop opportunities that I hear about every time I listen. You may not be fortunate enough to have swap shop radio in your area, you may not even know what it is, and boy are you missing out.

  • Advertise
  • Swap shop radio allows you to call in to let people know that you are having a garage sale. This beats just posting a sign on the closest telephone pole or putting an ad in the newspaper. I think it is safe to say that radio swap shop has more listeners than people who check the garage sale ads in the paper. And they even let you give a brief rundown of what you will be selling.

  • Buy
  • You can also call in and announce that you are looking to buy a certain item. Whether it is an old car, a vinyl record, or some type of old clothes, you can advertise what you are looking for. With people who buy and sell all sorts of things all the time listening in to every episode, it is only a matter of time before you find someone who has just what you want. And when they call in, they can get your information passed right on to get ahold of you.

  • Sell
  • You do not need to have a garage sale to call in to the radio show. You may have just a single item that you want people to know that you are selling, and that is just fine. It could be something incredibly rare, or even something fairly common, but you will almost always find yourself a buyer in nearly no time at all with so many people tuning in for every episode.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a swap shop radio program on its airwaves, you need to take full advantage of it. Tune in and listen for that one thing you have never been able to find at a garage sale. And then advertise your own treasures for the area to come and buy.

Need To Sell Something? Call in to the Swap Shop Radio

Swap shop radio

There is only one program that lets you listen before you shop and Shop Radio is that program. With Swap and Shop Radio you are exposed to all of the best ads for all of the latest things for sale and trade, all without picking up a newspaper or a checking a Craigslist ad. It is like yard sale heaven, being able to hear about specifics that you can just call on, rather than searching through dozens of garage sales on the off chance that something may catch your eye.

Perhaps you are not lucky enough to know what Swap Shop Radio is. Maybe where you live does not have Radio Swap Shop on its air waves. In that case, an explanation is in order. The concept is quite simple. It is essentially an audio Craigslist. The host opens the show and encourages people to call in with what they are selling or what they want to buy or trade. Then, during the run of the program, people will do just that. People will call in and advertise what they have for sale over the air. As the show has a wide footprint and a substantial audience, there is almost always someone who will be interested in a purchase or trade.

The proponents for Radio Swap Shop can be found in the show testimonials on the website. You can go and peruse user comments, and see nothing but praise. Very commonly people will say that within an hour of their call on the radio, they got a call from a buyer. This usually leads to the sale of more stuff that the original seller has, and even starts friendships between the Radio Swap Shop staff, the sellers and the buyers.

The idea for the swap and shop radio show has been around for over 30 years in one iteration or another, and has been perfected along the way. No matter the area, whether Florida or Nebraska, listeners out there in radio land love to hear the specifics that people are buying and selling, and clearly love the convenience of being able to just call someone they heard advertise on the show. When is the last time you listened?

Swap Shop Radio Good for Your Station

Shop and shop radio

What exactly is a Swap Shop radio program? And what can it do for your radio station? As hard as it may be to believe, it describes a radio program where people can call in and either swap things or shop for things. How about that for truth in advertising?

Probably the most well known example (aside from the one in your own radio market) belongs to Clif Desmond in Florida, who has been running a swap and shop style show since the 80s. He perfected, if not pioneered, the format, and continues to host his show in several Florida markets. Not only that, Desmond also travels the country and advises stations on how to open their own radio swap shop. Advertisers are happy to buy space on swap shop and shop radio programs, since callers to such programs are already in a buying mood. Stations across the country are more than happy to put a show like that on the air, if it will increase their ad dollars.

So how does it work? Callers call or text with items they have for sale, items they want to swap, or items they are looking for. Weekend callers frequently provide local garage sale and yard sale information, and some callers even provide rental listings.

There are rules, of course. Callers cannot be businesses or service providers. All callers to the show must be individuals (rental listings, for example, cannot be from rental companies, only from owners renting individual spaces). Callers can only list three items per call, and can only call once a day. And you cannot list, sell, or trade firearms.

Beyond that, the sky is the limit. Station managers look to these swap shop radio programs not only as a way to connect community members to each other, but also as an incredibly entertaining venture. Callers list everything from furniture to cockatoos, and interested parties can sometimes try to outbid each other live on the air. Even if listeners have nothing to sell and no interest in buying, the show can be a delightful way to pass the morning commute.

Swap Shop Radio Might Have the Deal You Need

Shop and shop radio

Swap shop radio was a complete and total game changer for me. I discovered KSID radio swap shot from a friend at work. We are not very social there, and mainly listen to music. There are times, though, that we do get to have awkward small talk around the Black and Decker coffee maker.

I had been getting sick of normal talk radio programs. Their jokes started sounding listless and bland. I knew that my friend enjoyed the same kinds of programs I did, and asked him what he had been listening to lately. That was when he told me about swap shop radio.

Now, I love to swap and shop. “Tradio,” as it is sometimes called, is any program where listeners call in to buy, sell, or swap items live on air. It is like the radio equivalent to the classified ads. Radio Swap Shop has gotten me a new bike, a new computer screen and other things that I had only been vaguely intending to get, but unable to for lack of a good deal.

If you want a change of pace with what you listen to, or if you are in the market for a second hand item, then I would definitely check out swap shop radio. Are there any readers who are already listeners to swap shop radio and would like to discuss it? What kind of items have you guys purchased over swap shop radio? Discuss in the comments.

Stop Searching and Check Out the Swap Shop

Swap shop

Classified advertisements are some of the most utilized form of buying and selling processes in the world. One person has a good to offer, another has a need and the means to pay for it, and thus a business transaction is completed. There are quite a few things that make the idea appealing; no tax requirements, no regulating bodies, and no restrictions of any kind really. Using classifieds has been in practice for quite some time, dating back to the inception of advertisements in the newspaper. Because of the ease and convenience of finding something you need or want in the local community around you, without having to buy it new, is a great draw and also perfect for newspapers. Today, the concept of classified ads has shifted to the internet and even to the radio, such as swap shop radio, where people can conduct person to person transactions over the Internet or over the phone.

Swap shop radio is becoming more and more popular because it serves as a free platform for buying and selling personal items or requesting items that they are looking for. The typical set up is followed by most swap shop programs, from national radio swap shop programs all the way down to local stations like the KSID radio swap shot. Programs such as KSID embrace the community activity using classified ads and, in turn, create a channel for people to easily access and post items that might be for sale. Listeners can then call a specific line dedicated to the sellers and the buyers call a buyers line, in most settings. These swap and shop radio programs are a great way for people to search through local sellers and buyers without having to constantly track down whatever it is they are looking for.

Using The Web To Enhance The Swap And Shop Experience

Swap and shop

Trading and buying different products has long been a way for people to exchange goods. Now that the Internet has gone beyond proving this as a viable way for trading and for shopping online, even more people are buying into this idea of swapping and shopping. This is nowhere more evident than with shop and shop radio programs, which highlight the advantages to buying, selling, and trading things while also actually offering opportunities for people to swap and shop too.

Through swap and shop opportunities made available through swap shop radio programming, consumers can get more savvy about how they make their purchasing, trading and buying decisions. No longer do they have to sit in the dark and wonder whether what they are doing is right, or whether they are using the right tactics and going to the right places to swap and shop. They have useful advice from any number of radio swap shop programs, which connect users with one another and which educate them as well.

With a radio program targeted toward the swap shop experience, consumers can be savvier than ever in their approach to picking out the right kinds of products to meet their needs and to selecting the right places to venture toward to actually enjoy these experiences. When they swap and shop, then, these consumers will be smarter about every decision they make, which will lead them toward having better quality merchandise and toward participating in stronger and more on the level exchanges.

Places to enjoy these swap and shop experiences normally occur online, since this is normally where people these days go for these experiences. There are lots of cool articles on the websites of these radio programs too, and the programs themselves are typically aired through the online airwaves as well, making for an easy listening experience for people who have any sort of interest in swapping and shopping online using different kinds of online exchanges. These opportunities allow consumers who like to use the web for shopping and for trading to have better experiences each and every time.

With these swap and shop experiences, people get to show off their skills to others too. So they can in effect encourage others to join the swap and shop lifestyle by trying it out once and then seeing if they like it. In this way, they are further encouraging others around them to enjoy the swapping and shopping experience for themselves.

Buy, Sell, and Trade Over the Airwaves

Shop and shop radio

Since the advent of the internet it seems like the demise of radio was imminent. Since the 1950s much of the radio audience was stolen by television. Of course, today there is internet radio and satellite radio should certainly render AM and FM radio obsolete. Yet, radio has proven to be a resilient form of media to which millions of American continue to turn every day. No matter what communications or media technologies come down the pipe radio either adapts or reinvents itself entirely. As such, there are radio websites, satellite radio, swap shop radio, and other revolutionary radio oriented programs to lure customers back to the original form of electronic media.

With the popularity of reality television, swap shop radio and shop and shop radio seems to be one of the way that radio answers that trend. For example, if you take a close look at the current trends of reality television, some of the most popular programs have to do with selling and trading. As such, a radio swap shop offers a similar type of programming to radio audiences who are looking for a new way to be entertained. Although talk radio remains popular, swap and shop radio provides audiences with an interactive way to participate in, or just be entertained by the hilarious things that occur over a swap and shop broadcast. In fact, some of the most popular satellite radio talk shows have included swap shop radio as part of their broadcasts.

Swap shop radio may seem somewhat strange to some people; however, swap and shop radio just happens to be one of those things that has to be experienced to really be appreciated. When you think about it, is that not the case with any type of reality show or talk radio? For instance, if a person is not familiar with talk radio, it certainly does not invite much intrigue; however, when one spends some time listening to one of the more popular talk radio programs, more often than not the listener will find himself or herself splitting a gut. Well, the same can be said with a swap shop radio broadcast.

While it certainly does not sound like much fun to tune into a swap shop radio broadcast to hear people buying, selling, and trading over the air, it is actually hilarious. Also, you might just find that one evasive item that you have never been able to find. The bottom line is that swap shop radio provides Americans with one more way to derive enjoyment during those early morning and late afternoon traffic jams.

Shop and Shop Radio Programs Offer Outlets for Listeners Who Need to Sell Stuff

Shop and shop radio

In the past, Americans who wanted to sell household items (such as old freezers, couches, or television sets) had to place advertisements in the local newspaper or they had to post fliers on telephone poles and in store fronts in the local community. In addition to being costly and time consuming, these methods of advertising rarely accomplished the goal of finding a buyer for the product that the individual wanted to sell. Over the last decade, online advertisement websites such as craigslist have facilitated the process by which Americans buy and sell used household items. Today, however, these websites are losing their popularity to a new method by which Americans buy and sell used household items: shop and shop radio.

These shop and shop radio programs, which are also known in some circles as swap and shop radio programs, swap shop radio programs, and radio swap shops, are locally broadcast and short wave radio programs in which users broadcast advertisements for household items that they wish to sell (or conversely, ask other listeners if they want to sell household items that they are looking for). Because many radio stations regard these shop and shop radio programs as a helpful community service more than a potential money making opportunity, they are often more than willing to donate airtime (usually morning time slots or weekend time slots) to individuals who want to sell or purchase items on shop and shop radio programs. The managers of these radio programs realize that failure to provide these individuals with airtime will prevent them from selling items that are cluttering their homes and purchasing items that they desperately need. Furthermore, the managers often assume that their decision to provide listeners with airtime and shop and shop radio programs decreases the number of illegal pirate radio stations which exist and, more importantly, increases their ratings. After all, listeners who tune in to shop and shop radio programs often continue to listen to regularly scheduled programming after the shop and shop radio program has ended. However, these managers at these local radio stations need to carefully monitor the shop and shop radio programs; in the past, thousands of users have taken advantage of this airtime to craft elaborate prank listings and advertisements which have annoyed thousands of frustrated buyers who discover that their so called “great deal” was actually a hoax.

What Are Radio Swap Shops?

Swap and shop

The media technologies that have appeared since the middle of the 20th century, have continued to put radio in a peculiar predicaments time after time. Just as it appears that radio might become obsolete, something or someone comes along to breathe new life into the radio industry. In contrast to media technologies like television, the internet, and mobile devices, it seems archaic to tune into radio stations just to hear voices being transmitted to little boxes via radio waves. Nonetheless, in the face of technological advances that, at first, appear to signify its demise, radio, radio swap shop, and swap shop radio has proven resilient time and time again.

Whether its AM radio, FM radio, radio swap shop, or shop and shop radio, radio technology is still around, and seems to be thriving more than ever. It makes one wonder how radio continues to not only stay around, but to prosper despite all of the other rabidly popular media alternatives? Well, the answer to that questions really is not that complicated. Regardless of whatever new media technologies appear, radio is portable, radio is convenient, and radio is free. Furthermore, radio has proven itself highly adaptable via technologies such as internet radio, satellite radio, and swap and shop radio swap shop. Of course, without radio, what would the commute to and from work be like? What would workers listen to at the office, the warehouse, or sitting up in their big rigs? What would coworkers do if they were unable to call in and win free lunches or Engelbert Humperdinck tickets? Life would be dull, indeed.

While there are certainly so called sexier media technologies out there, radio and radio swap shop are going nowhere. It is almost as if radio has quietly become a way of life for Americans. So, whatever new media technology is next to come down the pipe, radio aficionados and radio swap shoppers need not worry; because radio will surely find a way to adapt or reinvent itself, yet again.

Nobody Understands Radios Like A Swap And Shop

Swap shop

If you are a radio enthusiast, you already know that it can be difficult to find the right model or the right components for older radios. Whether you are interested in hobby radios that are built from scratch, or professional models which are simply no longer in production, the search for the right part or model can eat up a lot of time and money. You may be able to find exactly what you want at a swap and shop store, on the other hand, which is why so many radio enthusiasts instead choose these locations to find what they are looking for.

With a radio swap shop you will have the opportunity to not only find rare radio parts and models that are otherwise difficult to locate on your own, but you will also have the bonus of being able to sell your own radio components and models as well. If you have a rarer model which is simply gathering dust, then taking it to a swap and shop location can help to save you quite a bit of money in your own budget for radio purchases. You can take your individual components to a shop and shop radio location as well, making it all the more compelling to go to a swap shop near you. You can browse the selection at your local swap and shop location, or you can browse the selection that they have available online. Some swap shop radio stores actually deal with a large amount of internet orders, which can include auctions, rare sales on limited editions, and other great benefits that you would have otherwise missed out on.

For radio enthusiasts, trying to explain what makes the hobby so compelling can be difficult. At a swap and shop you will not have to worry about needing to explain, because these stores are run by radio enthusiasts just like yourself. From some of the latest radio models and technology that is being released, to classic models that you may not be able to find anywhere else, a swap and shop could be one of the most interesting and intriguing visits that you will have all day. Search for a shop in your area that specializes in radio parts and models, and you may be able to track down a wide selection of high quality radio products at reasonable prices.