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How to Find the Best Repairable Vehicles for Sale

Buying your dream car isn’t easy when you’re on a budget. That’s why some people choose to hunt through online listings for repairable vehicles for sale instead of going to a traditional car dealer. Purchasing a damaged vehicle may not sound glamorous at first, but it has some huge benefits.

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One of the most obvious benefits is the money you can save. Salvage vehicles cost significantly less than new vehicles and surprisingly less than used vehicles in good condition. Of course, you will have to factor in repair costs when calculating the total price of the vehicle, but the end result may surprise you.

Additionally, if you repair a salvage vehicle yourself, you will know your vehicle better than most people do. You will likely know exactly which parts could cause trouble in the near future and how the vehicle is put together.

If you’re interested in purchasing a salvage vehicle, the video here can help you learn how to find repairable vehicles for sale. The host talks about how he chose his vehicle and what to look for when you’re looking at listings of damaged vehicles online. As long as you choose a vehicle that is easily repairable, you should be able to rebuild your dream car.

Make a Scrunchie with Pom Poms

Do you love making your own fashion accessories? DIY fashion is always popular. One of the hottest items to make right now is a custom scrunchie. While there are many ways to make your own scrunchies, some of them are definitely flashier than others.

Take some time before you begin to hunt down tutorials to consider what you want your scrunchie to look like. Do you want it to be brightly colored? Do you want it to be a single color, or to include multiple colors? Do you have a particular outfit in mind for the scrunchie?

Scrunchies are very easy to make at home.

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You only need a small amount of fabric, some elastic cord, and a sewing machine. The video here shows you how to make a very flashy scrunchie with these materials and some pom poms. The pom pom scrunchie made in the video uses sheer fabric for the scrunchie with loose pompoms packed inside it. The final look is a rainbow of colors.

You can also purchase premade pom pom scrunchies online if you’re having trouble with the tutorial or want a slightly different look than you can get with the supplies available to you in your area.

What Micropigmentation Treatment Is Like

Are you interested in transforming the look of your head? Are you prematurely balding, or if you’re tired of having a bald or spotty head, then micropigmentation treatment might be for you. This treatment doesn’t restore your hair, but corrects your hairline and restores the shape your hair would have on your head. Achieve a buzz-cut look and look younger and cleaner. In this video, you will get an inside look so you can see just what getting micropigmentation treatment is like and decide if it’s something you’d like to do.

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The treatment begins with first identifying where to draw your hairline. This is based on your head and face and any hair you do have, and the style you’re going for. You will work with an expert to create a plan for a hairline that you’re happy with. The expert will then draw it right onto your head and can make adjustments throughout the process. Next, the expert will identify a color match for the hair. Finally, the expert will use a micropigmentation pen to dot the scalp with color.


MY FIRST BLOWOUT DryBar Experience

When it comes to doing your hair, the experience can vary. Getting your hair done can either be a simple task or a chore. With blow dry bars though this is made a lot simpler. In this video, a vlogger has been invited back to a blow dry bar for their reopening.

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A blow dry bar is a hair beauty salon that specializes in blow outs. They also do some hair coloring and hair styling if that’s what you’re looking for. The nice thing about a blow dry bar is that they have experience doing it. The hair stylists see hundreds of different heads a year so they have the tools best suited to deal with any type of hair thickness. The other nice thing about going to a blow dryer bar is that everything gets done for you. If you’ve ever tried doing a blow out on yourself, it can be extremely difficult. This is where getting your hair shampooed before getting a blow out professionally done helps a ton and these are all services that are offered at a hair salon.

Screen Printing Explained

In this video, you will learn about screen printing services. When you are attempting to get into the printing industry, it is good to do your research ahead of time. There are a lot of different companies that provide material for this.

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If you are deciding to buy in bulk, there can be a lot of ways to save money. When he was starting his print shop, his struggle was real. He is experiencing a lot of growth, but the growth has been slow and in some cases, they have gone backward. He really wants to showcase the interworkings of things. He wants his sales to increase. The best way to generate sales for his business is Sales Funnel. A lot of industries use Sales Funnel. This is software that a lot of people use. It can help you simultaneously generate sales, buy material, and track shipments. WHen considering this software, keep in mind that it does cost money. However, your sales are likely to increase. If you are interested in learning more about screen printing businesses, keep watching this video for more information.

How to Choose Stand Up Paddleboards

It is important to exercise and get out of the house or office and into the fresh air. There are many options available to choose from when it comes to fun and engaging outdoor activities. One popular activity is standup paddleboards. This informative and interesting YouTube video highlights the need-to-know details and specifics of this engaging form of ‘exercise” and how you can find the best standup paddleboards.

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Everything from size and weight-bearing limits to overall design and portability is addressed along with other insightful and helpful tips. Using standup paddleboards is a fun and interesting way to enjoy the great outdoors and have summer fun in the sun and water with family and friends.

The great thing about paddleboards is that they come in a range of sizes and styles so kids and adults can usually find something that works for them. Additionally, there are many accessories and options that can be used to enhance the experience and make it even more enjoyable. So check out the video and go buy your own standup paddleboards and head out into nature and enjoy yourself!.

DIY House Remodeling Ideas

Giving your home a new look does not have to cost you a fortune or be too difficult. The options are endless, and if you do not have the necessary tools, you can rent them and in this way be able to DIY at home. You do not need to do a complete or total home remodel either. With small changes, which you can do yourself, your home will be appealing with the upgrades. If you want to consider DIY in your house, there are some excellent ideas to get started, and at the same time save money, giving your home a renewed and upgraded look. Today on YouTube, you can find everything you can think of about home repairs and DIY.

Renovate With Wallpaper

If you want to give the walls a new look, you can take advantage of the wallpaper. There are a wide variety of designs and options, so you will surely find one according to the space where you want to put it. When placing them, use a plumb line to draw a straight line so that the first strip is not crooked.

Old Tiles

If you have old times, instead of changing them, why not paint them? If your old tiles are still in good condition, you can use a special glaze for tiles. This works especially well in kitchens or bathrooms. You just have to clean them well with soap and water and scrape the joints to remove any dirt that may be there. Then you dry them well and apply the enamel, preferably with a roller.

Radiators Can Help With Decoration

When you have radiators in your home, instead of removing them, you can do two things: hide them or use them as decorations. To hide them, you should paint them the same color as the wall. To use them as ornaments that you can make them stand out, you can paint them in a different color or tone from the wall. To do this, wash the surface well with alcohol, and use fine sandpaper so that the paint sets better. If it has rust, you should brush it with a metal brush.

Renovate Old Furniture

If you have wooden furniture, you should seal any cracks with putty or natural wax, and clean them with a cloth dampened with mild soap and water. If they have some areas worn by use or eaten away by water, you can paint them. To do this, sand them down well and then apply an enamel paint in your preferred color.

Changing Switches

It is not always necessary to change the switches. You can save money by giving them a new look. You just have to carefully disassemble them, and separate the frame from the switch. Then you have two options: use a synthetic enamel of a color that you like, or you can cover them with an adhesive washable paper.

Upgrade Doors

You can save money by upgrading your doors. The doors of a house are like your business card. If they look old, rotten, or poorly painted; they will give a less than pleasing appearance. With just a little paint, you can give them a significant change. First, you have to disassemble them, clean them well, and sand them down with fine sandpaper. Later, repair any damage or cracks with putty and apply two or three coats of paint.

How to Build Your DIY Work Area At Home

If you want to set up your own DIY work area at home, there are four main things you have to keep in mind:

It is a good idea to insulate the walls. Nowadays, it is something quite cheap and quick to do.

Prepare your drains and supplies: You may need to make some modifications to your electrical installations and pre-existing drains. Of course, the need to do this or not will depend on the use that you are going to give the work area.

Plan the layout of the space: It is important to plan where everything will go, from the work table to the secondary elements. For this, you have to take into account both the safety, accessibility, regulations, and comfort when working.

Avoid disturbance: There are things like the elimination of waste or the smell and smoke generated by the machines that you will be using. You should also be mindful of the members of your household and neighbors. So avoid making too much noise with your tools. Installing smoke and odor extractors, as well as tools and elements for proper cleaning, is always a good idea.

Restoring the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and the one that quickly becomes obsolete. Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom because it is not very functional? Although it is always better to consult a professional, if you need an urgent renovation, but have a low budget, you can do things to the bathroom yourself.

The bathroom, no matter how much we take care of it, in the end, suffers from humidity, heat, and condensation. Some surfaces such as the bathroom cabinet, the shelves, or the quartz bathroom countertops may be damaged with the passage of time. Sometimes, with a small touch-up, the bathroom furniture can be transformed to enjoy its use again as well as giving it a change in style.

Restoring bathroom cabinets is one of the easiest transformations to make. You can take advantage of and change the style of the decoration of your bathroom or give it a renewed look. Before starting, you must take into account what material the bathroom cabinets are made of, and what is the finish, whether wood or melamine? Is the bathroom cabinet lacquered or painted? If the surfaces are different, each one must be treated in a special way.

Once you have decided what type of renovation you will carry out, start the renovation with these simple tricks.

  • Vacate the bathroom
  • Give it a coat of paint
  • Change toilets
  • Change in light
  • Expand the space
  • Remodeling or changing the furniture
  • Decorative touches
  • Change the flooring to ceramic tile floors

Be original and give it a different finish, with textures or with patterns using templates or patterned rollers. Test your imagination by combining colors. The painting chalk is perfect for reforming a bathroom cabinet with Nordic style. However, with the breadth of its color chart and finishes, this type of paint combines both in an industrial bathroom with a modern style and in a shabby chic bathroom decoration with a rustic look.

Enamel Cabinet

Another type of paint that you can use to transform the bathroom cabinets is a water-based enamel. More resistant to being specific for bathroom and kitchen surfaces, it allows you a gloss or matte finish. The procedure for painting with water-based enamel is similar to any painting. First, it is necessary to correct any defects that the furniture may have in order to prepare it. A gloss finish offers a modern style for a youth bathroom. If instead, you want to provide a more romantic style, try the matte finish. Complete the decoration with some shower curtains that match the color of the furniture and take the opportunity to decorate the bathroom with fun towels. If you are changing your cabinets, you may want to call on an interior building products service to help you choose the right style.

The Shower

By changing the shower door, you will give a new look to your bathroom. If you have a small space, this folding option is perfect. You will save space, and it is easy to clean and install. If you prefer a curtain, you should choose a cute and modern option. Remember that simple designs and light colors are in fashion. If you are looking for a luxury shower, then you could consider hiring local shower remodeling services.

Window Installation

Window installation can be a big decision for a home. Therefore, the choice of components and materials cannot be left to chance. Take into account aspects such as the lifestyle of a family, the budget, the desired design, and the overall design of the rest of the space, the maintenance that you want to make, or their level of energy efficiency. Below are several steps to follow to change windows at home:

Get a pencil and paper. The first thing you should do before venturing to change all the windows is to take a pencil and paper to jot down measurements in order not to make mistakes. Measuring several times, as well as taking the measurement of the diagonal, will also protect you from making mistakes, especially in the face of possible mismatches.

In this step, you must decide if you want wooden, aluminum, or PVC windows. For example, wooden windows will give a high aesthetic level, very suitable especially for rural-type spaces; however, wooden windows do not have the same level of insulation or low maintenance as PVC windows. These, on the contrary, are very easy to maintain and have great insulating potential. Make sure you give the frames a precision metal finishing.

Aluminum or PVC: Aluminum, for its part, is the material that has been used the most for some home windows, but its level of insulation does not exceed its resistance to inclement weather, thus raising awareness of the importance of saving energy by replacing these aluminum windows with PVC ones. The nature of aluminum makes it a conductive type material, which is why it absorbs the temperature that exists outside quite easily, taking it inside the house, and making the cost of heating or air conditioning necessary.

Glass quality: If the type of frame a window has is essential, the quality of the glass used is no less so. In addition, it is very important that the quality of both components is on par. Otherwise, the entire window could lose efficiency. You can choose between monolithic glass (somewhat obsolete), laminated (quite safe), tempered (highly resistant), float (the most common), matte (elegant and bright), low-emissivity (efficient), or double glazing (greater insulation capacity).

Types of window opening: You should take into account what type of opening will be more practical and comfortable for your family’s lifestyle. The options are quite numerous: fixed opening (they cannot be opened); swing (light opening only at the top or bottom, typical of offices); tilt and turn (lateral and inclined opening); slide (horizontal scrolling); tilt-and-go (inclined opening and horizontal movement); pivoting (it rotates around an axis, common in dormers) or combined (admits different types of opening).

Electrical Wiring

The components and materials for an electrical installation or residential wiring are:

Electric meter: This allows establishing the electrical services of the home or businesses and is located outside the place for verification, by the company, which supplies and is in charge of the industrial and residential electrical installation.

General switch: You need a general switch, to connect and disconnect the electricity. This switch is located in the connection line or inlet of the electrical energy to the house, to activate it if necessary.

The main panel: Install the main panel inside the house in a place close to its entrance. It regulates the entry of electrical energy into the house and also has a power cutoff device, if necessary.

Important: The independent circuits come out of the board to feed the different electrical points of the house. Once the mainboard is installed, according to the established standards, it can be connected, upon request, to the national electricity grid. For this reason, these components must comply with strict manufacturing standards, which allow them to function safely. Most home builders have to make sure this is done upon completing their construction. It is important to hire a professional to do any electrical wiring in the home because this can be quite risky.


While you can do a lot of home remodeling improvements on your own, there are some that you should not try to attempt. You should contact a professional with experience, knowledge, and expertise to do it better. This will probably cost you less in the long run.

A Guide To Thrifting Your Home Decor

Summer is the time when homeowners are more likely to take on home renovations and remodels. With that comes a need to find new decor for your home. But if you just spent a lot of money renovating your space, you may not have a large budget left for decor. Or maybe you’re just in need of some fun things to do this weekend. That’s where thrifting comes in. Thrifting home decor is a great way to find beautiful decor and fill your space without completely clearing out your wallet. Whether you’re a beginner to thrifting or are a thrifting pro, here is a guide with some tips and tricks you can apply to score some awesome thrift store finds.

Benefits Of Thrifting

There are quite a few benefits that come with thrifting that you may be unaware of. Besides saving money, making the choice to thrift home decor can have a big impact. Here are some of the benefits that come with scoring those awesome thrift store finds:

  1. You’ll Save Money: This is the most well known benefit of thrifting. The rush of finding awesome thrift store finds for great deals is enough to get people going back over and over. Thrifting your home decor will save you a lot of money which means you can save for a big piece item or spend more on your home renovation.
  2. Reusing And Recycling Is Better For The Environment: Thrifting is not only great for your wallet, is good for the environment. Choosing to purchase items that have already been loved by another owner means you are keeping plastic out of landfills. Taking home awesome thrift store finds also positively contributes to decreasing textile demand around the world and cutting down on the subsequent waste.
  3. You’ll Find Unique Items: Another great benefit from scoring awesome thrift store finds is that you’re finding a unique item for your home decor. If you were to purchase an item from a major retail store, that same item would be found in hundreds, maybe even thousands of homes across the country. When you buy an item from a thrift store, you’re getting something unique for your space. For example, if you’re getting ready for fall decorating, you could find vintage baskets and signs from a thrift store that no one else will have in their home decor this season.

1. Check the Quality

The number one thing you need to remember when you’re thrifting is to check the quality. Oftentimes people make the mistake of getting an item that really isn’t in good shape or that they don’t need just because it’s a good deal. You’re going to see a lot of awesome thrift store finds, but not all of them are things you need. As you are searching through items at the thrift store, be picky. Look for signs of wear and tear. Is it something you actually need, or just something you want? Often, you buy something with the intent to “upcycle” it. There are a lot of items sitting in garages and attics across the country that were purchased with the intent to be upcycled.

For example, if you’re looking for a table or chairs, you’re going to have to be very picky. There is a lot of wooden furniture at thrift stores but it’s not always in good quality or a good deal. Check for water stains, cracked wood, and any other significant signs of wear. To take something home, you need to be confident that it’s going to hold up for some time to come.

2. Think Outside The Box

While you need to be picky when sorting through items at the thrift store, you also need to have an open mind. You may not always find exactly what you’re looking for, but you may find an item that will work for the same purpose. For example, one popular “outside the box” use for old doors or windows is to create a greenhouse in your backyard. Especially if you can find french doors, you can use an unlikely item to create a beautiful new thing.

You may also be able to use old metal containers for planters or flat baskets for wall decor. Keep an open mind as you search for the specific items you need. But remember to keep in mind the previous tip, be picky with what you choose, and unless you are specifically planning to upcycle an item, don’t get things that “have potential”.

3. Haggle

This tip should only be used at specific locations. Haggling can really help you to get a more reasonable price on some big scale or even small items, depending on where you’re shopping. But you should not try to haggle at stores with set prices, such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Rather, if you’re at a flea market or yard sale, haggling is more acceptable and maybe even expected. Here are a few tips for successful haggling:

  • Don’t dress is designer or high-quality clothes. If you look “rich” people won’t want to offer a discount.
  • Be friendly with the seller. Say hello when you get to their booth. The nicer you are, the more likely they are to work with you on the price.
  • Don’t low ball the seller. If you start with a price that’s way too low, they will shut down and won’t want to discuss anymore or be flexible.
  • Point out flaws you may find. If you show the seller a scratch or dent in an item, they may be more likely to offer you a discount.

As you search for new home additions for your decor, don’t forget to use these haggling tips and get the best price possible.

4. Leave Pride At The Door

If you’re planning on thrifting, you’ll need to leave your pride at the door. Buying used items doesn’t mean you’re poor or can’t afford brand name, new items. It just means you know how to be frugal and where to save money. Some people that try to thrift decor for their public spaces, like their desks in an office, fall victim to the office culture that new is better. As long as you follow the tips listed here, you’ll be able to find great quality items for a great price. No need to feel embarrassed about it.

5. Visit The Store Often

If you want to come across some awesome thrift store finds, be ready to visit the thrift store often. Most people donate items on the weekends when they have time to make a trip there. Different stores restock on different days and times, some once a week, some multiple times a week. You may think about asking the thrift store employees what days and times they bring out new items. If you know the restocking schedule you’ll be able to plan to visit the store those days and times so you can be one of the first people to look through the new times.

6. Take Advantage Of Sales

While you’re already getting a great deal by shopping for items at a thrift store, don’t pass up on the opportunity to shop the thrift store sales. Many thrift stores have big sales on specific holidays each year where you can save a huge percentage on certain types of items, or even any item in the store. While there will likely be a lot more people in the store on those days, don’t pass up on the opportunity.

Your local thrift store may also have weekly sales where items with certain colored tags are on sale. Figure out what the sale schedule is for your local store so you can plan to be there at those times. Some chain thrift stores like the Goodwill of the Salvation Army even have days each week where certain colored tags are 50% off. If you’re trying to decorate a room or even finishing a basement, take advantage of these sales days to stock up on furniture and home decor.

7. Don’t Forget About Virtual Thrifting

According to Business Insider, 40% of men between 18 and 34 years of age prefer to shop online for all of their needs, and the percentage from women is likely higher. Shopping online is much easier for people as they can browse and order things directly from the comfort of their couch. Don’t forget to take advantage of online thrifting opportunities. These include sites such as Facebook marketplace, craigslist, and OfferUp.

Physical locations may be better for shopping for small decor items and clothing as you can try on and dig through more options, but for getting more expensive or big-ticket items such as large furniture, or electronics like printer products, these sources are a great option. You can often set notifications if you are looking or a specific type of item. For example, if you’re trying to find a mid-century modern sofa, anytime someone posts one for sale, you can be notified right away so you have a better chance of scoring it.

You can sometimes even buy lightly-used items from stores on amazon which is a great option if you don’t have transportation and need to have things shipped to your home.

8. Be Willing to Dig

When you go on a thrifting trip, be ready to dig. Many thrifters have discovered awesome thrift store finds just by sorting through a pile of knick-knacks. Sometimes people will hide something they found with the intent to come back later to get it and then never return. That means a great item is hidden in a section it doesn’t belong in and if you’re patient enough you may be the one to rediscover it.

For example, if you’re searching for camping gear such as soft side coolers, cots, or camping utensils, someone may have previously had the same intentions, found something great, and hid it. An employee of the thrift store may even have placed it in the wrong section. Take some time to sort through items in other sections to make sure you’re not missing any awesome thrift store finds.

9. Look For Brand Names

When you’re thrifting, another key to success is to look out for brand name items. Even if it’s not something you were specifically looking for yourself if it’s a good brand and in good shape, you could flip the item for a significant chunk of money. Some people even make a business of flipping brand name items from thrift stores. You may even discover some awesome thrift store finds for yourself. Brand name items often tend to last longer so if you can find some good quality brand name furniture or decor for your home, you’ve scored.

10. Go With Ideas In Mind

One of the best things you can do when you’re planning a thrifting trip is prepare ahead. This could be making a list of the specific things you will be looking for. You could also use pictures for inspiration for types of items you’ll keep an eye out for. Just like making a grocery list, thrifting is more successful when you can keep an eye on the target. There are so many little knick-knacks and awesome thrift store finds, you can get off track very quickly. By having a list of ideas ahead of time, you’ll be able to more effectively sort through everything and find what you’re looking for.

In Conclusion

If you’re in need of home decor for a newly renovated home or just want to switch things up, thrifting is the best way to get bang for your buck. As long as you are ready to be picky about what you bring home, spend some time digging, and thing outside the box, you’re likely to score some awesome thrift store finds. Don’t forget to apply the other tips mentioned above on your next thrifting trip. Happy thrifting!

The Benefits And Importance Of Shopping Local

UPDATED 11/20/20

If you plan to shop local, then you need to identify the ideal places where you can buy everything that you need — wondering how to find local small businesses around you? Well, the process is easy. All you have to do is ask around or search online for nearby small businesses. You will get plenty of options from where you can shop. The best part about a local shopping centre is that there are dealers selling everything that the locals might need. For instance, if you are looking for a local clothing businesses, you can be assured to find one within your locality. Such shops have been in existence, and it is where people from the local community shop. If you plan on going to such shops, you can be guaranteed of shop local deals that will suit your budget and other preferences.

Given the multiple benefits of shopping from the local shops, a person must identify shops they will be shopping from. If you become a regular customer, you will be entitled to plenty of benefits that an outsider or irregular customer might not get. The local shopping center might not meet your standards, but you can be assured that they sell good quality products.

If you’re out shopping in your local community, odds are good you’re heard about the importance of shopping local.

Buy local!

Shop local!

Keep your dollars local!

You’ve likely heard some variation of all of those slogans or sayings and you probably do a good job of shopping local. That might include shopping at a local grocer, visiting a local coffee shop, or having your kids play on a local sports team.

But even if you do a good job of shopping local, have you ever thought about why it’s important? Have you ever thought about where your money goes after you spend it or what it’s used for. Businesses, like many of your town’s Mom and Pop shops with fewer than 500 employees, make up more than 99% of the jobs in the U.S. and buying local is important for the survival of those small shops. Not only is it important, but there are many benefits to buying local:

Helping The Economy

The biggest thing to remember about the importance of shopping local is that when you buy local, the money stays local. Let’s say you’re an avid golfer and you frequently visit your local golf courses to play with a group of friends. When you spend your money at one of the local courses, it goes toward paying for upkeep of the course, paying employees, helping to upkeep the pro shop, and the restaurant inside.

Without your patronage, businesses like those golf courses might not be able to offer some basic amenities and rates might go up as a result, or some amenities may be eliminated altogether. By spending your money there, you’re helping a local business prosper, becoming more connected to your town and helping to create jobs.

Supporting Your Neighbors

By keeping your money in the local economy, you’re not only helping businesses, you’re also helping folks in your town. Let’s say for instance you have a neighbor who’s a dentist in your town. If you’re friendly with that neighbor, you’re able to develop a rapport with that neighbor and you’ll have no trouble visiting them for your dentistry needs.

If you need a reminder about the importance of shopping local, look no further than your medical professionals. It’s not only practical to get established with local professionals, but it’s also easy to establish trust and a high level of comfort with them. Think about it, do you want to go to the best orthodontist in town who lives down the street from you and knows your family? Or do you want to go out of town to see someone who you don’t have quite the same relationship with?

When you can establish a rapport and feel comfortable with your fellow townspeople, it makes it much easier to shop local. If your car needs fixing and your neighbor is a mechanic, you’ll have no problem taking the car to them for repairs. If you know where local food is grown and harvested, you’ll eagerly support local farmers at a farmer’s market. By buying local, you help families, help them pay their bills, and help keep their business going.

Better Service

There are plenty of good reasons to buy local, but one of the best reasons is that you get faster and better service. This is especially true when it comes to repairs.

In the dog days of summer, it’s important to have functioning air conditioning to keep yourself cool. If you’re in need of heating and air conditioning installations, you’re obviously going to want someone who can do the job well. By staying local, you can easily find a place that’s close, so you’ll be able to get an air conditioner installed in a few days rather than a few weeks.

You’ll also be able to get plenty of good recommendations from friends and neighbors. If you notice your neighbor has a certain kind of air conditioner that you want, they can recommend a local place so you get the exact same one. Not only will you be getting a good product, but you’ll be getting excellent service.

Establishing Rapport

The importance of shopping local can’t be understated. It does a great deal to help your community, but it also helps you establish rapport.

Think about your usual shopping habits. Do you go to the farmer’s market for specific items? Do you have a market that sells a particular product you like, such as meat? If you frequent these places a lot and give them your business, those employees will come to recognize you and establish a relationship. Why is that important? When you go for fruits and vegetables or meat, they might set some aside for you if they know you’re coming in. They might also offer you some deals or discounts if you’re a frequent customer. By patronizing their business and being generous, they might be more than willing to be generous right back.

Saving money

Pumping money into your community can stimulate the local economy, but it can also help you save money.

Let’s say you need to repair roof leaks after a harsh winter. You can shop around and get estimates for what the repairs might cost, but you likely won’t find better deals than at your local shops. Your local shops will offer better, faster service and won’t try to load you up with extra fees.

By supporting and trusting local businesses, they will in turn trust you to spend your money with them if you need any help in the future. In this way, one good turn deserves another. If you keep your money local, local contractors will be willing to work with you when it comes to getting the most for your money. If you’re on a budget, they’ll suggest ways you can get the repairs or renovations you need at a price you can afford. If you’re footing a particularly large bill, those businesses will work with you on payments, especially if they know your character.


The importance of shopping local is about more than spending money; it’s about supporting your friends and neighbors because you know you’re going to get quality products and services. If you need your pet groomed, for example, you can take it to a local groomer armed with the knowledge that they will do a good job. If you’re looking to have some work done on your house, such as a home addition, you can check up on the quality of local renovation companies by checking out other homes in your area.

That quality might also extend to something as important as rodent and squirrel removal from your home. Local exterminators will know exactly how prevalent certain critters are in your area and the best methods for removing them, all while offering fair estimates and excellent customer service.


While the importance of shopping local can’t be understated, neither can having a good level of comfort as a buyer. Simply put, when you buy something, you want to feel good about the product or service you bought and you want to feel confident you’re not getting swindled.

Comfort as a consumer can range from buying food to having medical procedures performed. If you live in a small town, odds are good you have one or two doctors in town, who have taken care of everyone you know. With that degree of experience (and referrals from friends and neighbors), you know you’ll be in good hands whether you need a simple operation or an advanced procedure. So you won’t ever have to worry about a problem such as medical malpractice because you’ll always be in good hands.

Looking Out For You

Another benefit of staying local with your money is that your friends and neighbors will have your best interests in mind. That means they’ll also be looking out for your family. If you’re looking for the best dentist for kids for example, your local dentist is likely someone you know. That means they’ll be willing to take the time to show your child or children that the dentist office is a friendly place and about the importance of taking care of your teeth.

Helping Your Community On A Human Level

If you need a reminder about the importance of shopping local, think about the human impact of your money rather than just the financial impact. Let’s say you need a fence put up around your ride or maybe a fence repair to mend some broken posts or backer rails. When you hire a local contractor, yes you’re giving them your business and keeping your money in the local economy.

But your money makes more of an impact than that. You may not know it, but your money goes toward more than just that company’s bills. When you spend your money locally, your money might go toward dance lessons or new braces or sports equipment or it might help to sponsor a local school club’s trip. You can’t make that same sort of impact when you shop at big box stores or chains. By spending your money locally, you’re making a human investment that may well impact more than just the place you’re doing business with.


Another advantage of shopping local is that you have fairly easy access to goods and services when you need help. If you have an issue with your home surveillance system and security cameras, for example, you can easily visit a local shop and have the company help you quickly. The same is true if you have problems with your air conditioning or plumbing or need help renovating. You won’t get that kind of access from out-of-town companies and you can be assured you’ll get fantastic customer service when you buy local.

Getting To Know Your Town

You hear all the time about the importance of shopping local, but you should consider doing it for no other reason it helps you get to know your town. If you’re new in town, this is a great way to get to know your surroundings.

By shopping local and shopping around, you never know what you might find. You might find an amazing local artist, who’s work you can buy and hang in your new house. You might find one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever eaten at a local restaurant. You might find a great bar with amazing drinks and live music that you can make one of your favorite haunts.

By shopping around, you’ll learn more about the importance of shopping local and you’ll get to know folks in your town. You’ll get to know your local coffee shop purveyors, who can make your coffee just the way you like it. You’ll get to know your local law enforcement and first responders, who can help you in times of emergency. You’ll get to know local artists, who can do commission paintings. You’ll meet the folks who run community organizations, so you’ll know who to talk to if you want to volunteer.

Making An Impact

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying from a farmer’s market or buying from a local grocer or enlisting the help of a local concept design engineering company to help you develop designs for a product. By keeping your money in your local economy, your supporting your community, helping your friends and neighbors, getting quality goods and services and getting a level of customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

So next time you see the signs about the importance of shopping local or buying local, consider how much good you can do with your money. You’re helping your friends and neighbors on a business level, but you’re also helping them on a human level that’s more important than money. By spending money locally, you’re helping your community thrive, whether you’re buying coffee, playing nine on a local golf course or eating at a local restaurant.

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