Looking To Remodel the Kitchen You Will Need a New Cooktop for Sure

Whirlpool gas range

Go ahead and treat yourself. Consider the idea of a full kitchen remodel. Your heart stops at the thought, I know. Just think, a new oven and range are only a remodel away. I would suggest you start looking at some catalogs now. Check out the available selection of GE ovens, GE electric cooktops or GE gas cooktops. And consider some Capital cooktops as well.

Capital cooktops come in a variety of options for you, so that you can find one to fit any of your kitchen remodel dreams. Below you will find a selection so that you can start brainstorming your kitchen immediately.

1. Culinarian Series

This Capital cooktop can be found in 30, 36, 48, and 60 inch ranges. It is a gas rangetop with powerful, open-top burners, with up to 23,000 BTUs per hour. You are able to turn all of the burners down to True Simmer setting, which keeps the contents in the pot between 138 and 145 degrees. A cast iron wok grate is available as an accessory, and the drip trays are fully and easily removable for full cleaning.

2. Maestro Series

At 64,000 BTUs, this is the most powerful cooktop that Capital has to offer. This one only comes in the 36 inch option. It also has the True Simmer setting on its burners. All of the burners have their own electric ignition and re-ignition. The metal knobs are die-cast and then chrome plated for comfortable grip and easy cleaning. There is a reversible central wok grate, as well as a cast iron, porcelain coated finish.

3. Precision Series

This series comes with the same size options that you can find in the Culinarian series. It comes with four Power-Flo burners, as well as the wok built right in. Each sealed burner puts out up to 19,000 BTUs, and the wok can put out as many as 25,000 BTUs. Once again, all burners offer the True Simmer capability. Drip trays can be easily and fully removed on this model as well. And the knobs are the same as the Maestro. The biggest difference with the Precision series is that it has a double Thermo-Griddle included. The griddle is a three-eights inch thick, thermostatically controlled griddle plate. Making for even, easily controlled heating.

So do not settle for another bland cooktop with the remodel. Dip into your savings and splurge. Get the best one around and cook the best meals on top of it. Continue reading here.

Need To Sell Something? Call in to the Swap Shop Radio

Swap shop radio

There is only one program that lets you listen before you shop and Shop Radio is that program. With Swap and Shop Radio you are exposed to all of the best ads for all of the latest things for sale and trade, all without picking up a newspaper or a checking a Craigslist ad. It is like yard sale heaven, being able to hear about specifics that you can just call on, rather than searching through dozens of garage sales on the off chance that something may catch your eye.

Perhaps you are not lucky enough to know what Swap Shop Radio is. Maybe where you live does not have Radio Swap Shop on its air waves. In that case, an explanation is in order. The concept is quite simple. It is essentially an audio Craigslist. The host opens the show and encourages people to call in with what they are selling or what they want to buy or trade. Then, during the run of the program, people will do just that. People will call in and advertise what they have for sale over the air. As the show has a wide footprint and a substantial audience, there is almost always someone who will be interested in a purchase or trade.

The proponents for Radio Swap Shop can be found in the show testimonials on the website. You can go and peruse user comments, and see nothing but praise. Very commonly people will say that within an hour of their call on the radio, they got a call from a buyer. This usually leads to the sale of more stuff that the original seller has, and even starts friendships between the Radio Swap Shop staff, the sellers and the buyers.

The idea for the swap and shop radio show has been around for over 30 years in one iteration or another, and has been perfected along the way. No matter the area, whether Florida or Nebraska, listeners out there in radio land love to hear the specifics that people are buying and selling, and clearly love the convenience of being able to just call someone they heard advertise on the show. When is the last time you listened?

Use Great Makeups to Give Your Confidence a Boost

How to do professional makeup

The Ancient Egyptians used frankincense, wax, fresh moringa oil, and cyperus that was mixed with fermented plant juice to make antiwrinkle creams thousands of years ago. But over time, makeup companies have spent millions on research and development to create new products and tweak the ones that they have already released. Items like some of the best face makeup foundations use a wide range of materials and technologies to be customized for almost any skin type or color. This is a great relief to many people who take the time in the morning to put makeup on every day and might have trouble finding the right products.

A foundation is one of the keys to flawless face makeup, but there is not necessarily one type of foundation that is right for everyone. If you have dry skin, the best face makeup foundation will be either a liquid, stick, or hydrating product. On the flip side, oil free and liquid foundations are great for anyone with oily skin. Figuring out what type of skin you have and finding the right products might take a bit of time, and you might even want to ask a professional makeup expert. But doing so can go a long way towards helping you get the look you want.

One of the most common products that people will use to help make themselves stand out is lipstick. Actually, as of 2011, the lipstick cosmetic category was worth about $182.5 million, according to the research firm NPD Group. But like foundations, there is not one lipstick that is right for everyone. Some might find what they need easily, but others might require a lip primer that can both condition and soften lips while preventing colors from feathering or bleeding. Products like that might seem insignificant, but can be essential for proper makeup application.

After finding the right foundation, you will want to find other products to make your eyes, lips, or other even your smile stand out. Showing off your favorite features could go a long way towards building confidence in any situation. In fact, a quarter of women actually believe that, if they did not wear makeup to work, they would get passed over for a promotion. While that might be discouraging to some, it might help make the extra time spent in the mirror every morning a bit more worthwhile.

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