4 Activities for Kids to do in Paris

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Planning family vacations can sometimes be overwhelming. Finding activities that will satisfy everyone is sometimes easier said than done. Kids are usually the hardest to satisfy as their attention span is very short and many things adults enjoy they may not. According a recent study, more than half of kids think they’re better at planning a vacation than their parents. For this reason, it is important to find things for them to do to keep them entertained and happy. Here are a list of things to keep your kids entertained while visiting Paris:

Visit the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is a hit with kids and one of Paris’ best tourist attractions. Add to the more than 100,000 selfie sticks sold and take a selfie featuring Paris as your backdrop. The tower features both stairs and an Continue reading 4 Activities for Kids to do in Paris

Essential Oils and Natural Products Can Provide Many Health Benefits

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As the rest of the freshmen battled with illnesses including everything from simple colds to strep throat, your daughter was able to avoid all of the usual contagions that come from living in close proximity to other students on a daily basis. While her friends were struggling to find time to make it to doctor’s appointments and to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, your daughter has been able to focus on her college classes and her homework.
She contributes her consistent good health to a proper diet, decent amounts of rest, and the use of essential oils and other natural projects. Additionally, she uses all natural hygiene products and attempts to limit her exposure to harsh chemicals.
All Natural Hygiene Products Limits Exposure to More Harsh Chemicals
Essential oils and oth Continue reading Essential Oils and Natural Products Can Provide Many Health Benefits

Botox Injections, Chemical Peels Help Restore Youthful Appearance

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People visit spas for a number of different reasons. Whether it’s to receive a relaxing massage, a number of different chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, or even botox, spas and medical professionals across the U.S. are standing by to meet the desires of their customers. In fact, spas have become so popular that an estimated 160 million people visit spas annually and spend about $87 on each visit. So it should come as no surprise that the spa industry in the U.S. brought in about $15.5 billion in revenues in 2014.

What are the more popular procedures that people are seeking out, though? Chemical peel procedures are very popular, as an estimated 1.1 million procedures were carried out in 2012 alone. Botox injections are fast becoming another popular procedure among men and women alike. It’s no secret that Continue reading Botox Injections, Chemical Peels Help Restore Youthful Appearance

You Do You Body Piercing in America

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As many as 83% of Americans have had their earlobes pierced. Pierced ears have been extremely common in the United States for centuries, though the practice of ear piercing actually dates back to ancient times. In fact, the oldest body piercing ever found dated back to 2500 B.C. Today in the U.S. you see males and females of all ages sporting earrings; some mothers even have their babies’ ears pierced.

If the practice of ear piercing is so commonplace, so widely accepted, then why is it that piercings in other areas of the body are deemed distasteful by the majority in American society?Who determined that the earlobe was the only acceptable body part to don pierced jewelry?

Aside from the aesthetic, there’s certainly a much deeper-rooted psychological and most likely xenophobic or preju Continue reading You Do You Body Piercing in America