4 Activities for Kids to do in Paris

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Planning family vacations can sometimes be overwhelming. Finding activities that will satisfy everyone is sometimes easier said than done. Kids are usually the hardest to satisfy as their attention span is very short and many things adults enjoy they may not. According a recent study, more than half of kids think they’re better at planning a vacation than their parents. For this reason, it is important to find things for them to do to keep them entertained and happy. Here are a list of things to keep your kids entertained while visiting Paris:

Visit the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is a hit with kids and one of Paris’ best tourist attractions. Add to the more than 100,000 selfie sticks sold and take a selfie featuring Paris as your backdrop. The tower features both stairs and an elevator to reach the top. The stairs usually have a shorter line and is more affordable than taking the elevator. However, the stairs do not go past the second level. You will need to take the elevator to reach the third level. One important thing to note is that the tickets for the elevator must be purchased in advance. Check the website for availability.

Go on a Food Tour
Kids love food. If your kids are into trying new things a food tour will be perfect for them. Not only will you get a chance to taste authentic Parisian cuisine, but you’ll also get great recommendations for other places to eat during your stay. They are a great introduction to Paris food and culture and should also be booked in advance.

Go on a Fat Tire Tour
Central Paris has some of the best tours and attractions including bike tours. Fat Tire tours last about 4 hours and include a break for lunch. Kids bikes both 20″ and 24″ are available to reserve in advance and the guides offer brief, sometimes comical descriptions of historical sights along the way. This is a great option for those wanting to keep their children active while visiting Paris.

Visit the Pompidou Centre
The Pompidou Centre, which was named after its former President, Georges Pompidou, is a very interesting building as it is designed inside out. For example, the pipes and escalators are outside of the building. It is also very colorful which appeals to kids. The water pipes, air conditioning ducts and electric cables are all color coordinated. The building features many things to appeal to children such as a bookshop with children’s books, a junior’s cinema, and a street theatre in front of the centre. Once inside, they’re sure to find something of interest.

Now that you have an idea of things to do, don’t forget to find a great place to stay while you’re visiting Paris. Try something a little different than the 16 million other international overnight visitors and book one of Paris’ luxury apartment rentals. Immerse yourself and your family in true Parisian culture in a luxury Paris apartment all to yourselves. Apartment rentals feature amenities you sometimes cannot find in hotels including full kitchens. They are also sometimes more affordable when traveling with a group. Now that you have all the essentials for visiting Paris, get ready to experience it with your family and create memories to last a lifetime.

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