Month: May 2018

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Celebrity News Continues to Evolve During the Current News Cycle

It may have been awhile since you have had the time to watch celebrity news. As the last few days of the school year wind down and the summer begins, however, you may find time to watch a few minutes. And while celebrity news shows may have seemed in the past to be little more […]

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Memorial Weekend Is a Great Time to Make Sure That You Plan to Give to Others in Need

Helping families in need is the goal of making veterans donations. And while there are many charities that and causes that assist people across the world and others that help make sure that children are cared for, veterans are often in need of services that they do not get. Perhaps as this Memorial Weekend winds […]

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3 Facts About Black Entertainment

Hollywood and the entertainment world is greatly influenced by black entertainers and in fact did you know that BET is viewed in more than 90 million homes worldwide? In 2010 BET was the leading television network to target young black-American audiences. Also BET was the main provider of black American cultural and entertainment news and […]

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Why Looking Your Best is Important

Looking sharp is always important especially if you are meeting somebody for the first time. Did you know that recent studies show that first impressions are formed within seven to seventeen seconds of meeting somebody? Wow! People sometimes do judge a book by it’s cover! But not to worry, we will be discussing some of […]

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Reusable Bags Offer Shoppers Numerous Benefits

According to Statistica, total food sales in the United States total nearly $1.5 trillion per year as customers make 1.5 trips to the grocery store per week, spending more than $100 per trip. With all those trips to the store there are scores of plastic grocery bags used. In the United States alone, 100 billion […]

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Girls white cotton dress Nighties White nightie

The Gift of Her Dreams A White Cotton Nightgown

It isn’t every day that a consumer finds a product where quality and creativity combine to make a dream product. But in the case of a white cotton nightgown,shoppers like myself may have found the ultimate dream purchase. The elegance of cotton as a fabric cannot be denied. And the level of high end quality […]

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Skin imperfections

Tips to Help Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

People around the world seem to constantly be trying out the latest skin care and cosmetics trends for anti-aging. But younger skin actually goes far beyond the things we lay on top of our bodies. A lot of it actually has to do with our lifestyle. The Skin Cancer Foundation says more than 90% of […]

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