The Gift of Her Dreams A White Cotton Nightgown

It isn’t every day that a consumer finds a product where quality and creativity combine to make a dream product. But in the case of a white cotton nightgown,shoppers like myself may have found the ultimate dream purchase.

The elegance of cotton as a fabric cannot be denied. And the level of high end quality elegance in a white cotton nightgown increases according to the thread count. What exactly is thread count? It is basically an analysis of one square inch of fabric in which the number of horizontal and vertical woven threads are added up. The higher the thread count, basically, renders the fabric denser and more durable.

Cotton with a woven thread count of 200 or more is known as percale. Percale, a very elegant fabric, is ideal for a white cotton nightgown, or even cute pajamas of any color. With some personalizing–such as embroidery or a traditional monogram, a white cotton nightgown becomes a thoughtful gift to treasure. Monograms are created in a variety of styles, using from one to three letters, so many options exist for personalized designs.

Just as cotton is fantastic for nighties, it is also a wonderful fabric for home linens, too. And if you’re a habitual shopper like myself, you know all too well the nearly irresistible allure of the section containing home goods, particularly the area with fine embroidered linens.

Finding embroidered cocktail napkins, embroidered hand towels and embroidered pillows in gift boutiques and linen stores is a shopper’s dream come true. And what do a majority of these items have in common? They are made of cotton. But as lovely as these articles are, and they do adorn the home so beautifully, a white cotton nightgown is an item which carries the slumbering individual from one busy day, through a pleasant rest and brings them into a brand new day, refreshed and ready for what is next.

Shakespeare wrote of the mystique of slumber when he penned: “We are such stuff/As dreams are made on…” in ‘The Tempest’. Today, sweet dreams are a good bet when the sleeper rests in a comfy bed on sheets with a fresh scent–which most people say help them get a good night’s rest.

Add to this scenario a boudoir pillow, a side table with a soothing lamp and a box of tissues dressed in an embroidered tissue box cover…whether the individual wears white cotton pajamas or a white cotton nightgown, one thing is virtually guaranteed: a restful, peaceful slumber and sweet dreams no doubt await.

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