Month: May 2013

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Worker Safety From Environment Irritants

On the job safety can be improved and affected by many different things. Through preventative measures you can insure that accidents are avoided or minimized. With appropriate safety gear, such as the 3M 8511 or a Bullard hard hat you can minimize issues when prevention is not a factor. The 3M 8511 respirator will help […]

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Buy, Sell, and Trade Over the Airwaves

Since the advent of the internet it seems like the demise of radio was imminent. Since the 1950s much of the radio audience was stolen by television. Of course, today there is internet radio and satellite radio should certainly render AM and FM radio obsolete. Yet, radio has proven to be a resilient form of […]

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Shop and Shop Radio Programs Offer Outlets for Listeners Who Need to Sell Stuff

In the past, Americans who wanted to sell household items (such as old freezers, couches, or television sets) had to place advertisements in the local newspaper or they had to post fliers on telephone poles and in store fronts in the local community. In addition to being costly and time consuming, these methods of advertising […]

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Beaded chandelier shades Chandelier shades

A Man is How he Keeps his Home

My home is myself expressed in ambiance. I try to put forth a piece of my personality in every piece of decor I own. Being as dynamic an individual I am, my home is built around lighting. I have a special affinity for the chandelier. There is not a more timelessly classy or elegant type […]

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Change Up Your Furniture, Change Up Your Life

When you are looking for furniture you might want to consider getting a chair, since they are so nice to sit in. If you have the space in your bedroom, adding some leather furniture might look nice. Some chairs that have been found in the Mediterranean have been dated back to the year 2 B.C. […]

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Eames lounge chair Noguchi coffee table

Designer Furniture for the Home

The United States furniture market accounts for 63 billion dollars in revenue annually. Even after sales numbers for new home furnishings slowed down during the crash of the housing market and then the recession in 2008, they went back up again in 2012. Furniture is more than just something to sit on; it is part […]

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The Unbreakable Beauty of Stone

More than 80 percent of engaged women received a diamond engagement ring. How cool would it be if the ring were a Tacori engagement ring? The engagement ring is a time tested gift of love and the Tacori engagement ring combines glamour and elegant style for an unforgettable memory. The diamond engagement ring is generally […]

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Exquisite Pandora Bracelets

New fashion trends comes down the pipe every few months to every couple of years. As a result, everyone will begin wearing a certain style of clothing, carrying a specific brand of handbag, or sporting some unique type of jewelry. However, the Pandora bracelets maryland jewelers sell are definitely not a trend. Rather, Pandora charm […]

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Wholesale Fashion Purses

Summer is coming up soon, so customers everywhere are looking for new fashion accessories to get ready for the season. If you run a fashion business or sell accessories as part of a larger concern, you will need to stock up to be prepared for the competitive pre summer sales season. Wholesale fashion purses can […]

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Selling Fashion Jewelry on eBay

If you are looking for a great ebay fashion jewelry store then you are in luck because the selection is unimaginable. There are so many women out there that have put together their very own ebay fashion jewelry store in order to bring their tastes and selections to the general public. Some women who have […]

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