The Unbreakable Beauty of Stone

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More than 80 percent of engaged women received a diamond engagement ring. How cool would it be if the ring were a Tacori engagement ring? The engagement ring is a time tested gift of love and the Tacori engagement ring combines glamour and elegant style for an unforgettable memory.

The diamond engagement ring is generally made from white gold (73 percent) to highlight the clarity of diamonds. While the wedding ring may have an understated stone, a diamond engagement ring is the perfect way to highlight the quality of the stone. Diamonds range from colorless to slightly yellow, but general preference, and a key to Tacori engagement ring quality, is the lack of color. Think of the colorless quality when shopping as a metaphor for the test of pure water. The brighter and clearer, the better.

Diamonds are hand crafted to create sparkle, but they begin as rough stones that need to cut and polished to really shine. The colorless diamond is the rarest of diamonds and especially suited for Tacori engagement rings, but the gems can have yellow to brown hues naturally. We get our word diamond from the Ancient Greek “adamas”, meaning unbreakable. Your Tacori engagement ring lives up to the etymology as a prime example of a beautiful, elegant engagement ring. More research here.

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