Considering Hair Extensions? Consider These Advantages

Natural hair style weaves

For some women, hair can be a difficult thing to maintain. This is especially true if your hair is thick, wavy, or naturally dry and frizzy. Women spend a lot of money and time on attempting to control their hair and make it look a desired way. Some are still unable to achieve the look they want. This is why some consider natural hair and weaves to achieve a low cost, low maintenance, and desired look for their hair. Natural hair and weaves can actually provide women with many benefits.

Add body to thinned hair

Hair products contain many harmful chemicals. In addition to the harmful contents of these products, many women damage their hair on a daily basis with blow dryers and heated products. Damaged hair can appear dryer and thinner and can be more difficult to style. Once hair becomes extremely thin, your options may be limited as to how you can style it. Natural hair and weaves are a great way to simply add body to hair. The hair is similar in color and texture and simply makes it look like your hair is thicker than it really is.

Hair extensions for medical conditions

Hair can become thin or can fall out from a variety of medical conditions. By 40, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women show signs of female pattern hair loss, a result of genetics, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, crash diets, medical conditions or certain medications. Women who are left with thinned hair or hair loss may feel self conscious about their hair. Natural hair and weaves can provide these women with a hair option that looks and feels real.

Easy change of hair styles

Some women enjoy playing around with different styles on their hair. Some of these hair changes can be bad for the condition of the hair. Some can be impossible, depending on the length and texture of the existing hair. However, with hair extensions, women can quickly and easily change up the style of their hair. Nearly 6 out of 10 black consumers wear a wig, weave, or extensions, which enables them to switch up their look.

Wigs and extensions are more financially friendly

African Americans spent $7.4 billion (out of our total estimated buying power at $836 billion) in 2009 on personal care products and services, including hair care, according to an annual report published by Target Market News. Maintenance of hair can be expensive. The hair extension industry can actually be a better financial decision for women who enjoy changing up the style of their hair often.

Although natural hair and weaves can be pricey, women tend to keep these items for longer. Hair products are quickly used with multiple washes. Stylings last only a matter of days. Hair coloring lasts only weeks. Hair extensions and natural weaves, however, can last for many months, making them more financially worth it over the long run. Hair extension info and prices can be determined by communicating with your hair salon. As more women learn of the many benefits of hair extensions and weaves, more and more salons are offering them as an option.

Women put a lot of pride and value into their hair. Hair product commercials advertise long, luxurious, and silky hair that many women desire. However, the process to achieve this look is often expensive and timely. With hair extensions, women can quickly and consistently change up the look of their hair, save the condition of their hair, and save on pricey salon costs. Hair extensions look and feel like real hair and are becoming a preferred hairstyle for many women.

Trips of a Lifetime Require Careful Packing and Planning

Alligator skin shoes

It is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime.
This lifetime of fun, however, has to managed on 50 pounds of luggage.
In spite of the fact that you will be visiting some spectacular sites thousands of miles from home, you are limited to a 50 pound suitcase. And even though you will be traveling for 18 days, you have to plan so that those 50 pounds of clothes, toiletries, and travel gear cannot exceed the wight limit. Fashion accessories like wide leather belts, comfortable walking exotic dress shoes and high end leather dress shoes for a night out on the town can be taken only if they fit within the weight limits.
As you packed and planned, rearranged and reorganized, you had a difficult time reaching the goal. It was difficult to pack for the variety of locations you would be visiting. Considering that you will be visiting a number of religious sites on the trip, having the right clothes is especially important. Consider the challenge of the visit that departs from Shreveport, Louisiana, and includes stops in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a day trip to Sweden:

  • A walk along the Stroget, through Nyhaven, visiting the Amelienborg Palace, the Kastellet, and the Little Mermaid.
  • A tour of the Rosenborg Slot Castle, a climb to the top of the Round Tower, a tour the National Museum and the Carlsberg Glyptotech, and an evening at Tivoli Gardens.
  • Attend a lecture by the pagan leader Torfinn to understand Paganism in Denmark.
  • Visit to Copenhagen Christian Center and a tour of the city?s ?Heavenly Days? activities, followed by a visit to the Kunstmuseum.
  • Attend lecture and meditation at Diamond Way Buddhist Center before visiting the Danish Museum of Design and St. Ansgar?s Museum.
  • Guided walking tour of Jewish Copenhagen and the Jewish Museum, as well as a visit to Copenhagen Cathedral and Sankt Petri Kirke.
  • Visit and tour Islamic Center and Davids Samling Collection of Islamic Art.
  • Train ride to Roskilde to visit the Viking Museum, the Roskilde Domkirke, the Roskilde Museum, and the Museum for Contemporary Art.
  • Visit to Fredricksborg Slot and take a canal tour.
  • Train ride north to Hesingnore Castle, including a visit to Louisiana Museum of Art.
  • In addition to all of the listed activities, your 50 pounds of luggage have to also provide you the correct clothing to for a tour and lecture at Shia Mosque. The females are asked to dress conservatively, and to be prepared to cover their hair with a scarf.
    A wide variety of travel visits and several stops at local worship locations are included in the 18 day trip. As you spend more time looking over the itinerary you realize that the focus of your 50 pounds of luggage needs to be on clothing that will transfer easily from worship settings to lots of walking. And while you started with lots of accessories and extras, you have eliminated most of the items except the most basic. One wide leather belt in black and one wide leather belt in brown will be versatile enough to make the trip, but the luxury Italian shoes will not. Functioning on comfort and function, you make your way closer to the weight limitation.
    And while it so tempting to take a couple of different pairs of leather shoes intended for walking, in reality, one pair should be enough. And even though the trip with members of your church will be a fun exploration of faith systems in another part of the country, you also hope to make some professional connections within the group. With this in mind, the packing choices become even more important. You know, for instance, that psychology studies reveal that first impressions are formed within seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone. You also know that as much as 55% of a person’s opinion of you can be determined by your physical appearance. You have always been good at putting together an outfit that makes a great first impression, but this trip will require you to make those positive choices for three weeks in a row. And, those items need to be impressive right out of the suitcase.
    With the weight limit finally met, you hope that the quality wide leather belts and the comfortable leather walking shoes will fit the bill!

WhyIs It Such a Good Idea to Donate Your Used Clothing to Charities?

Donation pick up maryland

With winter almost here, you may be thinking about getting new coats and shoes for the whole family. Have you thought about how you will dispose of your old clothes and shoes? Most Americans either just put their old clothes and household goods into the trash, or let them pile up at home until closets, attics and basements are overflowing. A much better option is donating clothing to charity, which offers several benefits. Military donations go towards funding programs for veterans, they keep items out of the landfills and help the environment, and your old clothes go to someone who will enjoy wearing them.

How can clothing donations make a difference?
Why donate clothes to charity? Military donations quite literally turn your old clothes and stuff into cash to fund programs that support education and families. Your charitable donations of used clothing help families in need, enabling them to buy good quality clothes at very low prices. Isn’t it a good feeling to know that your old overcoats and snow boots are keeping someone else warm and dry?
And finally, your charitable clothing donations help the environment by recycling items that would otherwise go to fill up landfills. Recycling old clothes and used household goods also helps to reduce the environmental costs of producing new ones.

Where can I donate used clothes?
People are starting to get the message and in 2007, charitable donations of clothing worth $5.8 billion were reported across the U.S. By 2011, about 2 million tons of clothing and textiles were being either recycled or turned into charitable donations.
What can I donate?

Military donations can include new or gently used items of clothing and household use.

  • Clothing and Shoes will help someone on a budget to buy good quality clothes for a fraction of their original price. You can donate all men?s, women?s, children and infant clothing as well as accessories.

  • Household Items like unopened cosmetics and toiletries, eyeglasses and sunglasses, umbrellas, yarns and material, knick-knacks, antiques, jewelry, luggage, buttons, musical instruments, area rugs, Christmas and seasonal decorations, novelties, framed pictures and paintings, gardening and other tools, and linens.

  • Kitchenware Your old cookware and and bakeware may be very useful to someone just setting up house. You can drop off donations of dishes, utensils, flatware, glasses, Tupperware, trays and canning jars.
  • Games/Toys Your kids are bored with their old toys but there’s still a lot life in them. Why not donate your old Fisher Price and Little Tikes items, bicycles, tricycles, board and other games, stuffed animals, and software for Playstation, Xbox and Wii? Someone’s kids will get a lot of fun playing with them.
  • Small Appliances are also very useful for those who are starting out or starting over. Items like irons and ironing boards, sewing machines, small kitchen appliances like microwaves and coffee makers, lamps, clocks, and hair dryers will be much appreciated.
  • Electronics including computer items like towers, printers, hard drives, software and accessories, telephones, smart phones, and calculators are all very useful military donations.
  • Sporting Goods such as camping equipment, roller blades and ice skates your kids have outgrown, golf clubs, baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, tennis, lacrosse equipment and accessories, skiing equipment and boots and fitness items.
  • Books, CDs and Videos
    Readers are always looking for new books. You can donate hardcover, paperback and children?s books, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray movies, electronics, books and record albums.

  • Baby Items should be in good condition and should not be in any recall lists. Families on a budget can really use bassinets, car seats, carriages, changing tables, playpens, baby walkers, high chairs and strollers.

Military donations have so many benefits that you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before. Now is a great time to get started and to help some family get through winter in nice warm clothes and shoes.