WhyIs It Such a Good Idea to Donate Your Used Clothing to Charities?

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With winter almost here, you may be thinking about getting new coats and shoes for the whole family. Have you thought about how you will dispose of your old clothes and shoes? Most Americans either just put their old clothes and household goods into the trash, or let them pile up at home until closets, attics and basements are overflowing. A much better option is donating clothing to charity, which offers several benefits. Military donations go towards funding programs for veterans, they keep items out of the landfills and help the environment, and your old clothes go to someone who will enjoy wearing them.

How can clothing donations make a difference?
Why donate clothes to charity? Military donations quite literally turn your old clothes and stuff into cash to fund programs that support education and families. Your charitable donations of used clothing help families in need, enabling them to buy good quality clothes at very low prices. Isn’t it a good feeling to know that your old overcoats and snow boots are keeping someone else warm and dry?
And finally, your charitable clothing donations help the environment by recycling items that would otherwise go to fill up landfills. Recycling old clothes and used household goods also helps to reduce the environmental costs of producing new ones.

Where can I donate used clothes?
People are starting to get the message and in 2007, charitable donations of clothing worth $5.8 billion were reported across the U.S. By 2011, about 2 million tons of clothing and textiles were being either recycled or turned into charitable donations.
What can I donate?

Military donations can include new or gently used items of clothing and household use.

  • Clothing and Shoes will help someone on a budget to buy good quality clothes for a fraction of their original price. You can donate all men?s, women?s, children and infant clothing as well as accessories.

  • Household Items like unopened cosmetics and toiletries, eyeglasses and sunglasses, umbrellas, yarns and material, knick-knacks, antiques, jewelry, luggage, buttons, musical instruments, area rugs, Christmas and seasonal decorations, novelties, framed pictures and paintings, gardening and other tools, and linens.

  • Kitchenware Your old cookware and and bakeware may be very useful to someone just setting up house. You can drop off donations of dishes, utensils, flatware, glasses, Tupperware, trays and canning jars.
  • Games/Toys Your kids are bored with their old toys but there’s still a lot life in them. Why not donate your old Fisher Price and Little Tikes items, bicycles, tricycles, board and other games, stuffed animals, and software for Playstation, Xbox and Wii? Someone’s kids will get a lot of fun playing with them.
  • Small Appliances are also very useful for those who are starting out or starting over. Items like irons and ironing boards, sewing machines, small kitchen appliances like microwaves and coffee makers, lamps, clocks, and hair dryers will be much appreciated.
  • Electronics including computer items like towers, printers, hard drives, software and accessories, telephones, smart phones, and calculators are all very useful military donations.
  • Sporting Goods such as camping equipment, roller blades and ice skates your kids have outgrown, golf clubs, baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, tennis, lacrosse equipment and accessories, skiing equipment and boots and fitness items.
  • Books, CDs and Videos
    Readers are always looking for new books. You can donate hardcover, paperback and children?s books, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray movies, electronics, books and record albums.

  • Baby Items should be in good condition and should not be in any recall lists. Families on a budget can really use bassinets, car seats, carriages, changing tables, playpens, baby walkers, high chairs and strollers.

Military donations have so many benefits that you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before. Now is a great time to get started and to help some family get through winter in nice warm clothes and shoes.

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