How a Bail Bond Agent Service Gets Started

When you contract with a bail bond service, rest assured that the individual who owns the agency went through the training required by the state in which it serves. Each agent at a bail bond agent service goes through the same process as the video notes.

In some states, the individual completes a longer program than the one mentioned in the video. Because each licensed and bonded bond service owner goes through the same process, you know that they have at least one year of bonding and bond enforcement experience.

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This means even if your area only offers one bond service, and it just opened, the person running it has at least the minimum training and one year of experience at another bond service.

If you want a challenging career that involves office work and fieldwork, consider becoming a bond service agent. This position pays a capture fee when an individual jumps bail, and you catch them. Otherwise, an agent works in the office, meeting with individuals who need a bond for bail and completing the paperwork for that bond. This mix of office work and the excitement of pursuing criminals often appeals to those interested in careers after military service or law enforcement employment.


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