Why Business Travelers Should Fly Private Over Commercial

Private jet empty leg

Private jet charters are often viewed as luxury expenses, which is not necessarily incorrect, but charter jet companies do not exclusively market to the rich and famous.

Private aircraft is useful to a variety of clientele, like business travelers. Many companies need to send their employees on important business trips all over the world, and a charter jet company is the best way to get therm there. Here’s why:

  1. Business travelers have specific responsibilities they must tend to, and commercial flying is not conducive to strict time restraints. The majority of time in an airport is spent by checking in, waiting in security lines, and waiting in the terminal. None of these locations are practical for phone calls, email, or online activity. Crowded airports also inhibit the passenger’s ability to get to his destination as quickly as he or she may have otherwise. Private charters are able to fly out of thousands of airports — including those without any crowds — in order to expedite the time spent preparing for takeoff.
  2. On board the private jet, passengers can be accessible for business activity, as some jets have designated meeting areas as well as in-flight WiFi. Without the noise of other non-business passengers to consider, these travelers can feel free to meet with their clients virtually without interruptions. These people can also perform individual work tasks with ease, freeing up any time they may need to recover from the flight, or maximizing productivity time after landing.
  3. Many business trips tend to be longer. International trips, especially, can take many hours in the air. Planes operated by a charter jet company only contain passengers approved by the party who has requested the charter. Passengers can expect fewer people on these flights, which offer opportunities for relaxation, stretching, or sleeping, without the worry of bothering or being bothered by other passengers. Empty leg flights, which become available when a private jet is only booked for a one-way trip, remain empty when they take off to pick up another set of passengers. A substantial amount of money can be saved by booking a seat on an empty leg flight.

Businesses who require frequent employee travel can save time and money by hiring a charter jet company over booking commercial flights, as well as improve employee productivity and overall level of comfort.

Are you Doing Enough to Protect the Environment? Here?s is One Thing You Can Do Today

Organizations that pick up donations

Most people today are looking for ways to help the environment. We often hear of the importance of reducing waste as a way of doing that. It is estimated that the average person produces 4.5 pounds of trash every single day. That adds up to a total of 1.5 tons of waste each year. That is a truly staggering amount.

What though, if you could reduce waste, help the environment, and help families in need all at the same time? Making charitable donations is a great way of doing just that!

Donating Clothing to Charity

Clothing is an especially great item to pass on. Many of us have overflowing closets and drawers, full of clothes that no longer fit or that we simply no longer wear. Why not share these items with others that need them more than we do?

Research has shown that in the United States approximately 12 million tons of clothing waste is thrown out every year. However, another estimate showed that in one year only two million tons of clothing were recycled or given as a charitable donation here in the United States. Could you help to increase that number? Could you help to close the gap between wasted clothing and clothes given for the purpose of helping families in need?

Why There is a Need

In one US city alone, there are 440,000 people that fall below the federal poverty line. Families especially are in need. As your children grow out of their clothes, why not provide children in need clothing that they so desperately need.

There are organizations that help military families that would appreciate any clothes donations that you and your family are able to give.

What a wonderful opportunity this would be to teach your children the importance of making charity donations, in addition to avoiding unnecessary waste! Making charitable clothing donations with your children can impress upon them the importance of helping families in need.

Where Can You Donate Clothes?

Are you asking yourself, ?Where can I donate clothes?? If so, a simple online search can help you to find organizations that accept clothing donations, including military charities.

Do you, like most of us, have a busy, overbooked schedule? That?s okay, there are even some charities that will pick up clothing donations.

We all want to do our part to improve the environment. One very simple means to do so is by donating our used clothing. This not only keeps it out of the dump, even more importantly it will be helping families in need. So why not look through your closets today and put any unused items to good use?

Top Private Aircraft Destinations Across the World

Private aircraft charter

Private aircraft charters are not just for business. In fact if you are looking to go to a destination, a charter jet company is the way to go for the utmost in privacy, security and comfort. If you are looking for some destination inspiration, look no further as here are some of the top private aircraft destinations in the world.

Davos, Switzerland

This alpine city is the home to the World Economic Forum every January. Anyone worth their weight in business and finance is there, along with their private jet charters.

The Superbowl in the United States

No matter the destination, the Superbowl is one of the most popular destinations for the rich and famous from across the world. A good half of these international professionals come exclusively for the half time show every February.

The Masters in Augusta Georgia

Every April this golf mecca is home to international golf aficionados. In fact, between 2012 and 2014 there has been a 18% increase in private jets at the event, their owners coming far and wide to work on their golf swing.

The Kentucky Derby in the United States

A whopping 90% of attendees of this popular horse race arrived in private jets to enjoy the gambling and festivities that come every spring. There was even a 15% increase of the rich and famous within the past couple years as well, so if you have a private jet this is the place to go and show it off.

Monaco Grand Prix

If you are looking to get out of the country and go someplace exotic, this micro county is the place for you. You will be able to go to this car race, then head to the world famous casinos in the country.

Art Basel Switzerland

This exclusive art event is perfect for those looking to decorate their homes with the newest artwork on the market. Head there every June.

Oktoberfest Germany

This beer drinking festival in Munich is world renown for its beer and good times.For those who like parties and drinking, look no further as this festival that starts in September is the place to soak up all that German culture.

Looking For Work Boots Three Things To Know In Advance

Combat boots

Work boots. While they aren’t the height of fashion, in many ways they’re more valuable than any of the shoes you’ll see making their way down the runway. Though they luckily aren’t quite as expensive as “designer” footwear, heavy duty work boots also aren’t the cheapest shoes on the market, with the average employee spending about $70 on foot protection per year. A reluctance to spend on safety boots is one of the reasons why some employees seek out “cheap” versions that aren’t really protective boots at all. Unfortunately, this in turn can lead to serious injury that at the least will put you out of commission for a few days, and at work result in amputation of the toes or the feet. Yes, protective footwear can make that much of a difference. For that matter, many people find themselves facing being laid off due to their lack of the proper footwear. After all, no sensible employer wants their employees at risk — and if you’re injured because you weren’t wearing the footwear your employer told you to wear, it will be your fault. Yet many don’t even know what to look for in work boots. They don’t know whether steel toe boots or waterproof boots would be best for them — or for that matter, boots that combine the two qualities. Below are a few things you should know before searching for work boots.

1. They Do Make A Difference

Work boots aren’t just footwear: they’re a necessity for those who work in any kind of hazardous environments. You’ll find that if you work with heavy equipment of any kind, steel toe boots are not at all optional. This is with good reason. Of the many people who got foot injuries at the workplace, only 23% were wearing protective footwear. For that matter, of those who were injured while wearing protective boots, 85% were hurt in the spots that that the boots weren’t protecting. In short, work boots do make a big difference. They can protect people from a variety of different issues. While steel toe boots keep people from incurring injuries involving heavy weights, waterproof boots protect them from the buildup of bacteria that can pose so many risks to those working in damp environments. Your feet could easily become infected without waterproof boots. Slip-resistant boots can also protect your feet from being injured in the oh-so-common slip and fall accidents.

2. They’re Smart Investments

Perhaps there are “cheap” options out there that at least look like work boots, even if they don’t actually do the job. Even if you’re willing to risk your health, you should know that you’re also wasting money. If your job requires you to wear protective footwear, you’re going to spend a lot of time on your feet. Now, comfortable work boots can make those hours more bearable — and perhaps protect your feet from stress injuries. But they’re also going to last much longer than inferior footwear. While cheap boots will wear down quickly, protective boots can last much longer Steel toe boots have been known to last for years before needing replacements. Of course, the investment is not the only thing that make these shoes financially wise. Think of what will happen if you’re injured on the job — you’ll miss days of work, and incur medical bills. By investing in boots, you’re ensuring that you’ll work another day and avoid expensive medical bills.

3. There’s A Wide Variety To Choose From

When choosing your work boots, you’ll find that there are many different ones to choose from, all suited for different work environments. Look carefully. All boots, however, must have protective toe caps affixed to their interiors. Furthermore, you’ll find four classes to choose from: Class 75 for men, Class 75 for women, Class 50 for men, and Class 50 for women. Class 75 shoes will be more impact resistant than Class 50 shoes. By knowing what you’re looking for, you’ll be more likely to pick the right boots!