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Why Business Travelers Should Fly Private Over Commercial

Private jet empty leg

Private jet charters are often viewed as luxury expenses, which is not necessarily incorrect, but charter jet companies do not exclusively market to the rich and famous.

Private aircraft is useful to a variety of clientele, like business travelers. Many companies need to send their employees on important business trips all over the world, and a charter jet company is the best way to get therm there. Here’s why:

  1. Business travelers have specific responsibilities they must tend to, and commercial flying is not conducive to strict time restraints. The majority of time in an airport is spent by checking in, waiting in security lines, and waiting in the terminal. None of these locations are practical for phone calls, email, or online activity. Crowded airports also inhibit the passenger’s ability to get to his destination as quickly as he or she may have otherwise. Private charters are able to fly out of thousands of airports — including those without any crowds — in order to expedite the time spent preparing for takeoff.
  2. On board the private jet, passengers can be accessible for business activity, as some jets have designated meeting areas as well as in-flight WiFi. Without the noise of other non-business passengers to consider, these travelers can feel free to meet with their clients virtually without interruptions. These people can also perform individual work tasks with ease, freeing up any time they may need to recover from the flight, or maximizing productivity time after landing.
  3. Many business trips tend to be longer. International trips, especially, can take many hours in the air. Planes operated by a charter jet company only contain passengers approved by the party who has requested the charter. Passengers can expect fewer people on these flights, which offer opportunities for relaxation, stretching, or sleeping, without the worry of bothering or being bothered by other passengers. Empty leg flights, which become available when a private jet is only booked for a one-way trip, remain empty when they take off to pick up another set of passengers. A substantial amount of money can be saved by booking a seat on an empty leg flight.

Businesses who require frequent employee travel can save time and money by hiring a charter jet company over booking commercial flights, as well as improve employee productivity and overall level of comfort.

6 Benefits of Choosing Charter Plane Service

Charter a jet plane

Over 8 million people fly on aircraft per day. These flights include business and personal trips, but they also mean crowded airports and planes. Sometimes these planes can’t be avoided, but for certain trips, especially business trips, you can avoid the hassle of long lines and crowded places by choosing a charter plane service. Charter plane services offer travelers many benefits they won’t find on commercial aircraft.

Fewer Delays or Cancellations

There are very few circumstances which require charter plane service to cancel or delay flights. Aircraft charter services operate on a different schedule, your schedule. When you choose private jet charters and charter plane services you eliminate sitting in a busy airport for hours wondering when your flight will actually take off.

Faster Check-In

Charter plane services do not require you to go through the check-in process that you are required to do at traditional airports. Charter aircraft services reserve your aircraft as soon as all of your information is received. The only procedures required upon arrival include loading baggage, ensuring comfort and checking identity.


When you choose a charter plane service you receive luxury while flying. First class airlines provide amenities to travelers, but these amenities do not compare to charters. Personal comfort and convenience coupled with luxury travel keep customers coming back.


High executives travel for work related purposes often. Within a six-month period, the average business traveler takes around 15 business trips. This means some business must be done while traveling. Have you ever tried discussing private business matters while on a crowded passenger plane? It can get daunting and stressful. Majority of passengers traveling for business dedicate around 36% of their time in flight doing business related work. Charter plane services offers privacy commercial companies do not. Business matters can be discussed without the concern of who is sitting within earshot and can overhear.


Commercial planes are allowed to land in designated airports. This could mean you are hours away from your intended destination once you depart the plane. Charter planes have the flexibility of landing at far more airports than commercial planes can. This means you are closer to your destination meaning less time gets wasted trying to get form the plane to where you actually need to be.


It’s hard to imagine the feeling of your baggage getting lost unless you feel it firsthand. Nobody wants to be standing in once city waiting on their baggage just to find out it is in a completely different city. The feeling of hopelessness of not having any of your personal items is eliminated with charter plane service. You also don’t have to worry about paying those extra fees for your baggage. With charter planes, your luggage goes with you and arrives with you. You are not charged outrageous fees to carry your baggage and there are fewer limitations on the number of bags allowed by passengers. This essentially eliminated the long lines for checked baggage before boarding the plane.

Eliminate the hassle of traveling for business by choosing charter plane services. Your employees will be refreshed and ready to work, instead of being tired and stressed out after the long hassle of traveling by commercial aircraft. Rested and happy employees make more productive employees whether working in town or out of town.