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The Material Industry Loves

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Bag straps

You’ve probably seen it. You’ve probably used it. But, you probably didn’t know what it’s called. Webbing, the strong fabric woven as flat strips or tubes, is most often used in place of rope. Though cotton and flax were originally the major components of webbing, synthetic fibers are now much more common. Nylon webbing and polypropylene webbing are the two most common types, and they make appearances in dozens of industries.

Types of Webbing


Nylon, a silky thermoplastic, first appeared in the production of toothbrush bristles in 1938. It has high tenacity fibers, making it popular for use in seat belt, tire cord, and ballistic cloth production.


Polypropylene is highly durable, justifying its appear

Your Guide to a Sunglasses Tragedy

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How polarized lenses filter uv rays

Sunglasses have a much richer history than you probably know of. First used in 12th century China, sunglasses were made from flat planes of smoky quartz which protected the eyes from the harmful effects of glare and malevolent spirits. Years later, the first commercial pair was produced in 1929 and sold by Sam Foster at Woolworth’s on Atlantic City Boardwalk. Their popularity extended even to the military, where Ray-Ban’s anti-glare aviators were used by the Air Force. Today, sunglasses are just as popular as ever. Men’s styles sell every 90 seconds on eBay, and about half of the entire population of Australia is equipped with shades.

When you’re looking down at your favorite pair of sunglasses, freshly busted thanks to errant pocket placement, you probably aren’t reflecting on a sunglasse

Engagement ring —- FREE VIDEO

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Log beds —- FREE VIDEO

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Hiding in Plain Sight the Story of Camouflage

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Camouflage purses wholesale

These days, camouflage, or camo, is quite common. We see it used in the military, in hunting, even in fashion. While camouflage seems to be everywhere these days, it actually took quite awhile for it to be widely adopted.

The word “camouflage” is derived from the French verb “camoufler,” which means to conceal. The origins of manmade camouflage certainly drew inspiration from the animal kingdom. There are many animals, like the flat-tail horned lizard, which can alter their skin to match their surroundings. During the Seven Years’ War, British troops began wearing green because it made it harder for the enemy to distinguish them at