Month: August 2017

Cotton safety shirts High visibility work vest Safety uniforms

4 Items to Ensure Your Workers Stay Visible

Statistics from 2014 show that workers aged 16-19 missed an average of four days after being injured. Ensuring your workers have adequate safety clothing can help reduce workers being injured on the job. One category of safety worker is made to be highly visible. High visibility safety clothing is important for workers to have in […]

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Why Paper Bags Aren’t As Eco-Friendly As You May Think

How have you worked recycling into your day-to-day life? This can seem like a tricky thing to get the hang of, especially when you have so many other good and bad habits muscling for your attention at any given point in time. Do you try to recycle the newspaper? How about getting rid of old […]

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Black gossip site Current celebrity news Latest hollywood

4 Celebrities With Monumental Achievements Worth Recognizing

Do you like to stay up-to-date on the latest Hollywood news and gossip? With so many celebrities and so much happening every minute of every day, it can be easy to fall behind on what?s happening with celebrities. The second you think you?re all caught up with celeb gossip and celeb news, something new happens […]

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Supreme clothing shop Supreme pack

Is Your Wardrobe Ready for the First Week of School?

School is starting and while some of the nerdier and bookish students are worried about whether or not they are going to ace that quiz on the first day of class, you finished all of those summer reading assignments long ago. With the book work completed, you have moved onto the more important aspects of […]

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Exciting Outdoor Activities to Improve Your Camping Trip

Before we know it, summer will be over and the warm weather will be replaced with the cold. Now is the time to get in your last minute camping trips. It is also the time to participate in your favorite outdoor summer activities. While you are planning your upcoming end of summer camping trip, make […]

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Clothing donation Donation pick up va Veterans clothing donations

How Donating Your Used Clothes to Charity Can do a World of Good

Did you know that your old clothes can help make a difference and do a world of good? When you donate your used clothes to charity, you’re helping to support their work for causes like the environment, veterans and the blind. By keeping your clothes and other textiles out of the trash and landfills, you’re […]

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Local donation pick ups Military support Organizations that help military families

Are You Looking for a Place to Donate Clothing?

The discussion with your two teenage daughters this morning was insightful. While you were finishing making them scrambled eggs on this second to last week of summer, the conversation turned to school clothes and what each of them were planning to wear for the first day back to class. That topic prompted you to mention […]

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