How Donating Your Used Clothes to Charity Can do a World of Good

Charity clothing pickup

Did you know that your old clothes can help make a difference and do a world of good? When you donate your used clothes to charity, you’re helping to support their work for causes like the environment, veterans and the blind. By keeping your clothes and other textiles out of the trash and landfills, you’re helping the environment. At the same time that you’re helping veterans charities and other groups, you’re also giving someone a chance to enjoy wearing nice clothes bought at bargain prices.

Recycling textiles helps the environment
While residential recycling has by and large caught on and people dutifully put out cans, plastics and paper alongside their trash every week, textiles are rarely recycled. In fact, in 2011, the recovery rate for textiles was reported to be a low 15.3%. The remaining clothes and textiles are just put out in the trash.
The total amount of clothing that is thrown out and heading for the landfills is around 12 million tons each year. That’s not only wasteful, it’s also hurting the environment. Luckily, there is a better option, and it’s one that is catching on very quickly. By donating your old clothes to organizations like veterans charities and environmental charities, you can help to fund their programs.

How do charities use your clothing donations?
Many charities use your clothing donations to fund their programs. By selling your clothes donations in their associated thrift stores, they are able to raise funds for their programs to help the environment, veterans and their families, and the blind. By making good quality clothing available at bargain basement prices, they also help families with children meet some of their needs.
Especially for back to school and the winter, it can really help families on a tight budget to find good clothes and supplies at low prices. Thrift stores run by organizations like veterans charities and environmental charities are a good place to shop for basic necessities like winter coats, boots, hats, gloves and scarves.
Why clothes donations are a good idea
Donating clothing to charity is not only a good idea, it’s also easy to do. Many charities like veterans charities will even schedule a used clothing pick up, if you have a large batch. You can also claim the value of your donation as a tax write off when you file your taxes, if you donate to a reputable organization.
Besides used clothing, many charities can also use small appliances and household goods, home decor items, kitchen and dining ware, books, music, toys and games. It’s much better to donate these items, while they still have a good bit of their useful lives left, rather than throwing them away or have them cluttering up your attics, basement or garage. Some people will even go to extreme lengths, hiring storage units to keep their junk if they don’t have enough room at home. It’s much better to hand them on while they can be used and enjoyed by someone else.

If you have a closet full of used clothing, or a clutter of books, music, pictures and other household items, one good way to clear it out is to donate them to charity. Groups like veterans charities and environmental charities will put them to good use, to help fund their programs.

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