The Top 3 Reasons Why Flower Delivery is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

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It’s often been said that giving is better than receiving, and in many ways it is – seriously! However the process of gift giving, more like the process of finding just the right gift, can be a nerve wracking experience fraught with anxiety, confusion, doubt, and even frustration. If you’re gift-finding and you feel this way, you’re far from being alone. Oh, and don’t forget about the dutiful sense of obligation. Ugh, isn’t that the worst – when you’re kind of obligated to get someone that you really don’t like a gift?

Regardless of whether the recipient of a gift is someone near and dear to you, or that one prankster at work that no one really likes, there’s no denying that some gifts are simply better than others. Gifts such as adult beverages, cash, gift cards, fruit baskets, and of course flower bouquets are classics that you simply can’t go wrong with — ever. What makes these gifts even better is the fact that they’re usually quite affordable and can be delivered for you. Done and done!

This is where flower delivery comes into play. Whether they’re sympathy flowers, get out of the dog house flowers, or congratulatory flowers, a bouquet of beautiful flowers is a time honored gift that is always appreciated and well received. Flower delivery is a great way to give a stunning, thoughtful gift with minimal effort and cost. How do you like them apples — or flowers?

The benefits of flower delivery

It makes a lasting impression

Nothing is as thoughtful as receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers at home, at the office, at work, or anywhere else you would least expect to. Flower deliveries create special moments that will be appreciated, cherished and remembered forever. A flower delivery is the perfect way to express how much someone means to you without even having to say it. Flowers speak a universal language of love and beauty.

It improves the mood

Have you ever you noticed how certain flower design ideas and completely shift the aesthetics of an entire room? Florists are experts in creating mood enhancing bouquets that can say so much and improve the overall look, feel, and vibe of a space. Whether they sit on the edge of an office desk or a kitchen counter top, flowers lend their beauty to any space.

It can be festive

Flower arrangements are great gifts for the holiday season, especially when they’re delivered with seasonal holiday goods such as candy, cookies, and other small items. A festive floral arrangement can be a great way to connect with loved ones that live far away during the holiday season, and they’re presence will make sure yours is missed a little less.

Composite Toe vs Steel Toe What’s Better?

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When it comes to work safety, there are countless rules, regulations, and recommendations for ways to keep yourself protected and productive on the job. From hard hats to harnesses, emergency stop buttons and bright vests, many different lines of work employ many different types of safety measures. But the one thing that some people might not think about right away is one of the most important: the need to protect your feet.

Workplace compliance and regulations

If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet for a significant amount of time, you are pretty familiar with the idea of having a good pair of comfortable work boots. But if you work in an industry that deals with heavy machinery or other potential hazards, chances are protective footwear is part of the required uniform.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, exists to ensure that workers are not subjected to hazardous work conditions without the proper equipment and training, and the organization requires all companies to conduct an assessment of hazard conditions in order to pinpoint risks in the workplace. This applies to potential foot injury hazards as well. For those jobs that are found to put your feet in danger, protective footwear such as steel toe boots are often standard issue. But there is an ongoing debate about the benefits of composite toe vs steel toe boots, and which does a better job of keeping your feet safe.

Composite toe vs steel toe work boots

When it comes to the composite toe vs steel toe debate, there are strong arguments for each. What it really boils down to is what works best for you. Do you feel a better fit with one over the other? Do you work in an environment where steel toe might be better than composite toe boots, or the other way around? Do they both fall under the safety guidelines in your particular workplace?

Steel toe boots are generally more affordable and provide great protection from punctures where composite toe shoes don’t quite hold up. But composite shoes, which are those made of a blend of materials without the metal, are more lightweight, provide great insulation, and have higher electrical resistance.

There are plenty of factors to consider, and you will ultimately have to make the decision. If you are having trouble though, you can ask for advice from those you work with, as well as a shoe sale expert who is familiar with the differences and your type of work.

Take care of your feet

We may not think of it often, but really are feet are far more important than we give them credit for. Carrying the weight of our bodies, absorbing the impact of each step, and not always provided with the appropriate amounts of support or protection. They may seem indestructible for everything they’re put through, but they are really a complex and intricate system of 26 bones, 107 ligaments, 33 joints, and 19 muscles. While all of those elements generally work in perfect harmony to get us where we need to go, should any one of them sustain injury, you may be off your feet for awhile during the healing process.

This is why protective footwear is so important. One study showed that of all the workers who sustained a foot injury on the job, only 23% of them were wearing safety boots or protective footwear at the time. The right shoes can do a lot to keep you up and moving around the way you want to be.

An average individual might walk about 10,000 steps each day. Compare that with the average of 30,000 steps of a construction worker or one doing heavy labor. Have the composite toe vs steel toe debate and make your choice. Finding the right footwear is important, and ensuring comfort, stability, and protection above all will make all the difference.

4 Hot Winter Vacation Destinations to Consider in 2017

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Looking to escape the cold and explore someplace new this winter? There?s a great, big world out there with many gorgeous and fascinating destinations, so how do you choose where to go this year? To give you some inspiration, here is a list of some of the best winter travel destinations.

  1. Kauai

    Known as ?Hawaii?s Island of Discovery,? Kauai doesn?t just boast a breathtaking natural landscape, it also offers all sorts of outdoor adventures. There?s something for everyone on the island, from surfing, to kayaking, to exploring the Waimea Canyon. And there?s plenty of sandy beach for sunbathing and relaxing.
  2. Puerto Rico

    A tropical destination with both beaches and rainforest, Puerto Rico is the perfect place for hiking, lounging, and hitting the town for its bustling nightlife. You?re sure to find a vacation rental in close proximity to all the exciting activities Puerto Rico has to offer.
  3. Sanibel Island

    For the perfect family vacation, head to this beautiful island off the southern Gulf coast of Florida. It is renowned for its excellent shelling beaches; in fact, more than 250 species of shell have been identified on Sanibel. Sanibel Island fishing is also a beloved pastime by vacationing families, in addition to boating, shopping, and cycling. For great accommodations, check out Sanibel Island oceanfront rentals.
  4. Playa del Carmen

    One of Mexico?s hottest tourist destination, Playa del Carmen has everything from clean, sandy beaches, to golf courses, to a fun ecological park that encompasses Mexico?s rich history and Mayan culture.

So, where will you go this winter? From oceanside vacation rentals in Sanibel Island, to the sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen, to the sun and surf in Kauai and the rainforests of Puerto Rico, you really can?t go wrong. Pack your sunglasses and swimsuits, and say goodbye to the cold, harsh winter weather.
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