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A Guide for Choosing the Right Leather Belt

Written by Swap Shop on June 1st, 2016. Posted in Mens messenger bags, Womens leather bracelets

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A leather belt is a wardrobe staple. Like socks or a tie clip, they make an outfit functional, but also add an element of style. This isn’t to say that mens leather belts need to make a fashion statement; in fact, a well-chosen belt is subtle.

A good belt ties a man’s look together, without calling attention to itself. However, an ill-fitting belt can do just the opposite, and not all men have an eye for these style subtleties. Follow these tricks to choose mens leather belts for every occasion on your calendar.

    Selecting the Size: A belt that is too long looks clownish, and a belt that is too short makes even the most fit gentleman look like he’s squeezed. Belt sizing is easy enough that all men should be able to select an appropriate length and avoid both extremes.


How Man Buns, Vegan Mens Leather Backpacks, and Stylish Sunglasses Are Taking Over the Modern Fashion Scene

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When archaeologists and anthropologists first set their sights on learning more about an ancient civilization or culture, one of the first things they begin to study in order to gain a better understanding of that civilization or culture is its art, which includes architecture, drawings, paintings, pottery, jewelery, and of course, fashion. Since the time of the earliest human beings, fashion, which includes clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and jewelry, has been an integral part of culture and society. Then, as with now, it was used as a means of self expression and practicality, while also denoting marital or wealth status.

Clothing, including accessories and jewelry, were used by ancient civilizations to celebrate their culture while also while also serving very functional purposes. Aside from modesty,

Choosing Leather Belts for Men A Buying Guide

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Fine leather belts for men can make or break an outfit. From poor fit to poor quality or even simply poor style choice, a ill-worn leather belt can signal slovenliness. A fine leather belt, however, when properly fit and styled to coordinate, can bring an entire outfit together and elevate the appearance of the wearer.

With annual shipments of leather belts reaching $92 million and up, choosing the right belt from among the multitude of leather belts for men available can be a daunting task. This guide is designed to help ease that challenge. Whether you’re buying leather belts for casual wear or formal and shopping for yourself or som