Month: February 2018

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Want A Trendy Closet That Stays Constant Throughout The Year? Check Out These Five Fashion Staples

Looking trendy doesn’t have to make a mess of your bank. Not convinced? Then keep reading. 2018, just like any other year, is going to be starting its own trends while bringing back the classics. Keeping up with every single bandwagon that drives by can be a real hassle for your sanity and your wallet, […]

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Men’s Clothing What Works and Doesn’t

White. It is a color normally designed for churches and steeples. It is a color that all other colors bounce off of. People consider it the absence of color, but white is truly all different colors combined into one. It is a pure look, and fresh. There are many different things to consider about it. […]

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Waxes, Spas, and Everything In Between

In the year of 2015, the spa industry had an estimated value of nearly $100 billion. That is an amazing statistic to think about, that the spa industry is valued at almost $100 billion. This is because most people who are older in age probably do not get waxes and probably do not visit spas […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Reusable Bags Clean and Sanitary

Reusable shopping bags are a far better option when compared to plastic disposable bags. Plastic bags are used for an average of 25 minutes before being thrown away, and over 100 billion of these bags are used per year in the U.S. averaging to about 350 to 500 per person. Reusable bags help remove these […]

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