Want to Stand Out On Instagram?

Professional photo editing company

Photography is larger than ever before due to one reason and one reason alone, the Internet. There are over 1.8 billion photos shared on the Internet. On Instagram alone, there are 300 million users who are sharing around 70 million photos a day. That’s 55 million more photos than the entire photo archive of the Library of Congress, each day! With all this photo sharing, you are going to want to do everything you can do stand out. Especially if you are working as or with a professional photographer.

Finding the right professional photo styling service can help your photos look amazing and reach that next level of digital photography. They are professional photo editing companies that specialize in color correction, photo retouching, album design, photography workflow optimization and much more. Even if it’s just on your Instagram account, the quality of your photo matters. Photographs that have been done professionally are twice as likey to be shard, as opposed to user-generated photographs.

A lot of industries use professional photography as well, and it has been proven that the better quality of work, the better the pay off. Professional real estate photo editing, for example, utilizes top of the line technology to get the best possible images of homes for sale. According to Redfin, homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million sell for $3,400 to $11,200 more than their list prices if the photos were taken with DSLR professional cameras. Even if you have the optimal equipment, only taking the photo yourself might not give you the best results possible. A professional photo styling service will be able to edit your photo and make it look as good as possible.

Professional wedding photo editing is a lucrative business as well. There are many companies out there that claim to specialize in photo retouching, editing, and design services, but make sure they have the experience, examples, and testimonials to back it up.

Whether you’re taking selfies in the break room at work, or taking professional photos for a real estate company, let a professional photo styling service aid you in all your photographic needs.

How Renting Table Linens Can Truly Help Save the Day

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Are you thinking about hosting some kind of large event and wondering how you’re going to find enough tables and chairs for everyone? Are you worried that you don’t have enough napkins, table linens, or dishes for a big, classy event? There’s no need to blow your budget on purchasing a large amount of these items that you’ll wind up having to store somewhere and will use infrequently. And there’s also no need to give yourself a headache looking at budgets and spreadsheets and trying to factor in all the unknowns. There’s one easy solution: hiring a rental company of some kind. Whether you contact just linen rental companies or are just looking to rent tables and chairs, you’ll be able to put your busy mind to rest that they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for. It’ll also usually all get set up for you and the items themselves will be high quality and less expensive than doing it yourself!
Oh Man, Tell Me More About Renting Table Linens!
One of the easiest ways to make a party or gathering look classy is to add linens — whether they’re crisp and white, adding a fresh and elegant vibe to the room or outdoor area, or more colorful and decorative, linens can really help pull a party together. Graduation parties or birthday parties might involve school colors or the birthday person’s favorite colors, personalizing the gathering a little more. Wedding tablecloths or specialty linens will probably be simpler and more classic.
What’s the best part about renting table linens, you may ask? Well for one thing, when you use rental linens, you don’t have to purchase them or wash them! Guests can get them as dirty as they want and you don’t have to worry about salvaging them at the end of the event or fretting about all the money you spent on them. They’ll go back to the rental company who will have them washed and put back into use. Additionally, many policies will protect you against possible accidents that happen, like melted candle wax or food or drink spilling.
Renting table linens is also a great way to choose from a more versatile array of linens, depending on the occasion. Using a table is a great way to design the perfect elements of your gathering, using flowers, specialized linens, centerpieces, and glassware. If you’re doing a lighthearted outdoor spring or summer wedding, you may opt for chevon or checkered linens for a more rustic-chic feel. If you want a more feminine or elegant wedding, petals, rosettes, and lace can be used as linens or even paired with a more solid under linen for a textured effect. The possibilities are endless!
What Should I Think About When Renting Table Linens?
While there’s less planning involved than if you were purchasing and setting up the linens yourself, there is some element of planning involved. You’ll want to know about how many guests are coming and what size the tables are, especially if you’re renting them from a reception hall or other venue. It would be terrible to have all your beautiful linens come and find out that they’re the wrong size or that you’re just a few short!
You’ll also want to think about what policies come with the table linens — what happens if a glass of red wine spills? Do they handle set up and cleanup afterward? How long can the linens be kept for? You don’t want to have to pay additional fees at the end of the event that you weren’t expecting. Be upfront with them about what you expect and what their expectations for you are as well.
Do your research as well! There are plenty of rental companies out there for you to choose from, so feel free to be a little choosy. Talk to family and friends for suggestions, especially if they’ve recently hosted a similar kind of event.
Tie your event together effortlessly by renting table linens and admire all the compliments you’ll get at a job well done! It’s not worth the logistical headache of doing it yourself!

The Science of Sleep Why Most Americans Are Unable to Get a Good Night’s Rest

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Sleep is essential to basic human functions as it gives our brains a chance to process every experience, event, and bit of information throughout our day. On average, Americans sleep for around eight and a half hours every night. Unfortunately, as many as four out of 10 Americans are getting less than the recommended amount of sleep each night. Even those who plan for around eight hours of sleep may find it difficult to drift off; even those who are able to sleep may still feel tired and groggy after sleeping — perhaps the sleep you’re getting is not the quality of sleep your body needs.

The Science of Sleep

Psychology tells us that sleep is vital to forming long-term memories. There are actually five stages of sleep that a person goes through during a night: stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, and REM sleep. The brain goes through each stage in order over a course that lasts between 90 to 110 minutes before starting over at stage 1 again. REM sleep, or rapid-eye-movement sleep, is where the brain files memories almost like a computer; since humans naturally experience REM sleep several times per night, those who are unable to fall into deep, restful sleep may experience forgetfulness, stress, and confusion in some cases. Since sleep is so crucial to basic human functions, it makes sense why many people are taking time and effort to create an ideal sleep environment.

Your Mattress

There have been a number of mattresses designed to replace the less-than-ideal box spring mattress that has plagued nearly a generation of people with back pain; the springs unevenly disperse body weight, causing unnecessary pressure on certain areas. Finding a mattress that works for you is a matter of preference. Some find memory foam mattresses to be relaxing, yet others find the lack of support to be an issue. Many Americans are finding adjustable beds to be an ideal solution, especially for couples who have difficulty agreeing on mattress preference. Recent studies suggest that those who spend more than a half hour laying in bed have more difficulty falling asleep; adjustable mattresses can create an incline at the foot or head of a bed, allowing users to recline as though there were on a couch before bed.

PJs for Adults

A recent survey asked Americans what they wear to bed: 74% said they wear pajamas, 8% sleep naked, and the rest of those surveyed wear something else — whatever that may be. In actuality, what one wears to bed may have a surprising impact on their sleep quality. Newborn babies sleep for an average of 14 to 17 hours per day; many Americans are looking towards pajamas onesies to have a considerably more peaceful night’s rest. Footed adult pajamas onesies come in a multitude of thicknesses ranging from 100 to the thickest of 300; choosing the right thickness pajamas onesies for your wardrobe could make all the difference in your sleep. For those who have tried everything to no avail, switching up your sleep environment and sleep wardrobe may help you sleep like a baby through the night.