How Man Buns, Vegan Mens Leather Backpacks, and Stylish Sunglasses Are Taking Over the Modern Fashion Scene

Leather totes

When archaeologists and anthropologists first set their sights on learning more about an ancient civilization or culture, one of the first things they begin to study in order to gain a better understanding of that civilization or culture is its art, which includes architecture, drawings, paintings, pottery, jewelery, and of course, fashion. Since the time of the earliest human beings, fashion, which includes clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and jewelry, has been an integral part of culture and society. Then, as with now, it was used as a means of self expression and practicality, while also denoting marital or wealth status.

Clothing, including accessories and jewelry, were used by ancient civilizations to celebrate their culture while also while also serving very functional purposes. Aside from modesty, clothing was used as a means of protection, especially for skilled laborers, hunters, gatherers, and other people who were frequently exposed to or worked with the elements. As such, animal hides and leather have always played an important role in fashion and clothing, both in ancient times and now.

For example, the buffalo was a sacred animal for many Native American and indigenous people. Not only was it a source of food, but it’s tough hide and fur made buffalo skin an excellent material for creating a variety of fine leather goods that were not only decorative, such as leather bracelets, but items that were also needed for survival, such as thick leather belts for men, leather totes for women who needed them when gathering or foraging food, and even mens leather satchels for long journeys. Indigenous peoples practiced a subsistence hunting lifestyle, relying on the buffalo to provide for their basic needs of food, clothing, and even shelter. Unlike early Europeans who senselessly massacred thousands upon thousands of buffalo for no reason other than sport, Native Americans revered this animal for its ability to provide for their cultures and way of life.

Fast forward to today, and leather is still worn and used in many modern cultures. Just as it was during ancient times, leather is prized for its hardiness, sturdiness, thickness, and durability. Aside from it’s more functional purposes, leather also has a unique aesthetic that appeals to many people. Thanks to increased awareness and passion for animal welfare however, many people are choosing to not only eat a plant based or vegan diet but are also choosing to adopt a totally plant based lifestyle, which includes not wearing leather goods such as mens leather backpacks.

There are however many popular plant based leather options for people that like the look and feel of leather but aren’t keen on where it came from or how it’s made. Pleather and faux-leather goods, such as mens leather backpacks, are just as fashionable and durable as the original without requiring the life of an animal to be taken. These materials offer all the benefits of wearing leather clothing an items such as mens leather backpacks while being more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical.

In terms of plant based materials used in fashion and in terms of fashion in general, many people generally assume that women are more involved in fashion than men. After all, the majority of supermodels are women and women working as models tend to earn higher wagers and salaries than men. However many fashion forward and ethically conscious men are emerging as fashion icons, sporting trendy, ethical styles such as mens leather backpacks made from plant based materials, man buns and braided hairstyles, and of course, shades of some kind. These men are showing that men can be fashionable too, all while being ethical and environmentally responsible.

So what is vegan leather really made out of exactly? The term itself sounds like an oxymoron, but in reality, it makes perfect sense. The plant based or vegan leather used to make popular fashion items such as mens leather backpacks is made from material such as cork or see kelp, both of which provide the look and durability of leather. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is also an excellent material for creating faux leather.

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