Are You Looking for a Place to Donate Clothing?

Donations for military families

The discussion with your two teenage daughters this morning was insightful. While you were finishing making them scrambled eggs on this second to last week of summer, the conversation turned to school clothes and what each of them were planning to wear for the first day back to class. That topic prompted you to mention again the need for both of your daughters to spend time organizing their closets before the busyness of school started again. That lead to talks about whether the girls should take their unworn extra clothing to one of the area resale stores, or if they should just donate the items they were no longer using.
Your older daughter pointed out that while it was nice to get the little bit of cash from the clothing resale stores, it made more sense to donate their still nice clothing to groups that were known for helping families in need. Sparked with a new level of excitement, the girls left the breakfast table determined to tackle their over crowded closets and dresser drawers. They were determined to keep only the things that they loved and would wear and to donate the other items to a local group that is well known for helping families in need. The girls were certain that just as they were excited about planning outfits for the first day of school, there were also children in less fortunate families who were looking for options as well. Your two daughters hoped that their unused clothing items could be put to use by many others who were less fortunate.
Quite a breakfast!
Household and Clothing Donations Can Help Families Who Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet
Charitable clothing donations can help the families of veterans, families living in shelters, and families who are trying to recover from a fire or natural disaster. As more and more Americans realize that the items that they no longer use can be put to a better use by those in need, it is possible that more and more school children will be excited about their first day of school outfits.
Whether your clothing donations go to help military families or homeless families, your items are far better in the hands of those in need that stuffed in your closet and not being used. Donating clothing is not a new idea. In fact, ten years ago in the year 2007, an estimated $5.8 billion worth of clothing related donations were made to charity foundations in the U.S. Since statistics indicate that there are even more people who are financially struggling, it should be apparent that more are also in need of these valuable clothing donations.
Even if you do not thing that your used clothing is of value to you any more, it is important to know that charities known for helping families in need can always find a use for what they are given. Did you know, for instance, that 80% of donated clothing in the U.S. is used by charitable organizations for donation to the needy, and for funding. Clothing and textiles that are not usable, can be recycled and kept out of landfills.
What do you plan to talk to your children about during breakfast? Maybe you can motivate them to get ready for school by cleaning out their closets and donated their unused clothes to those in need.

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