4 Items to Ensure Your Workers Stay Visible

Safety rain apparel

Statistics from 2014 show that workers aged 16-19 missed an average of four days after being injured. Ensuring your workers have adequate safety clothing can help reduce workers being injured on the job. One category of safety worker is made to be highly visible. High visibility safety clothing is important for workers to have in many industries. Here are four high visibility items to include your workers stay visible.

  • Cargo Pants

    Not all managers are aware that hi vis cargo pants exist. Many workers continue to ensure as much of them stays reflective as possible with these pants. A major advantage of hi vis cargo pants is that many of them include multiple pockets. Workers with access to many pockets may enjoy those pants more than what they?ve previously worn.
  • Fleece Jackets

    High visibility fleece jackets benefit a worker in multiple ways. The thick warmth of fleece will help to ensure your workers stay warm. In addition, the high visibility material helps your worker stay visible to other workers, vehicles, and other potential hazards.
  • Rain Jackets

    It?s common for workers, especially those who work outdoors, to deal with rain storms. High visibility rain jackets are often brightly colored, ensuring that a worker is easily seen. You?ll commonly see these rain jackets used in situations where law enforcement needs to conduct work during rainy weather. However, it?s common for high visibility rain jackets to be used in industries outside of law enforcement.
  • Work Vests

    A high visibility work vest is extremely important for employees to have. Many workers use their work vest to store important equipment. Giving workers high visibility vests give them the same storage room but with the added benefit of being easily seen. The brightness of certain high visibility vests may allow workers to see their tools easier than normal. As seen with hi vis cargo pants, a high visibility vest lets workers easily store important tools.

In summary, high visibility safety clothing helps to ensure workers stay visible. It?s important that workers in certain environments wear bright and reflective colors. People working during the night especially benefit from high visibility clothing. Items including hi vis cargo pants and work vests safely store employee?s items while keeping them visible. High visibility rain jackets ensure employees are visible while keeping their clothes nice and dry. Fleece jackets can be made with high visibility functionality, offering warmth and safety. Many industries continue to keep their employees protected with the use of high visibility clothing.

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