Are you Doing Enough to Protect the Environment? Here?s is One Thing You Can Do Today

Organizations that pick up donations

Most people today are looking for ways to help the environment. We often hear of the importance of reducing waste as a way of doing that. It is estimated that the average person produces 4.5 pounds of trash every single day. That adds up to a total of 1.5 tons of waste each year. That is a truly staggering amount.

What though, if you could reduce waste, help the environment, and help families in need all at the same time? Making charitable donations is a great way of doing just that!

Donating Clothing to Charity

Clothing is an especially great item to pass on. Many of us have overflowing closets and drawers, full of clothes that no longer fit or that we simply no longer wear. Why not share these items with others that need them more than we do?

Research has shown that in the United States approximately 12 million tons of clothing waste is thrown out every year. However, another estimate showed that in one year only two million tons of clothing were recycled or given as a charitable donation here in the United States. Could you help to increase that number? Could you help to close the gap between wasted clothing and clothes given for the purpose of helping families in need?

Why There is a Need

In one US city alone, there are 440,000 people that fall below the federal poverty line. Families especially are in need. As your children grow out of their clothes, why not provide children in need clothing that they so desperately need.

There are organizations that help military families that would appreciate any clothes donations that you and your family are able to give.

What a wonderful opportunity this would be to teach your children the importance of making charity donations, in addition to avoiding unnecessary waste! Making charitable clothing donations with your children can impress upon them the importance of helping families in need.

Where Can You Donate Clothes?

Are you asking yourself, ?Where can I donate clothes?? If so, a simple online search can help you to find organizations that accept clothing donations, including military charities.

Do you, like most of us, have a busy, overbooked schedule? That?s okay, there are even some charities that will pick up clothing donations.

We all want to do our part to improve the environment. One very simple means to do so is by donating our used clothing. This not only keeps it out of the dump, even more importantly it will be helping families in need. So why not look through your closets today and put any unused items to good use?

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