3 Facts About Black Entertainment

Hollywood and the entertainment world is greatly influenced by black entertainers and in fact did you know that BET is viewed in more than 90 million homes worldwide? In 2010 BET was the leading television network to target young black-American audiences. Also BET was the main provider of black American cultural and entertainment news and programming. With the massive influence of black entertainers we will be looking at some interesting facts about black entertainment and entertainment news.

Did you happen to know that one of the highest paid celebrities in America is black? In fact, the highest celebrity earner In 2014-2015 was American boxing star Floyd Mayweather with an annual income of nearly 300 million U.S. dollars. Floyd Mayweather made sporting entertainment news recently with his boxing match against UFC star Conor McGregor. The victory went to Mayweather after a brutal match.

There has also been interesting entertainment news in the film industry that has involved black entertainers. For instance did you know that Denzel Washington has won two Oscars? He is one of very few black actors to win an academy award, and became the second in history following Sidney Poitier who won an Oscar in 1963. Also in the latest hollywood news Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s most highly paid actors with almost all of his films have grossing over $100 million.

Today in entertainment music has also been majorly influenced by black entertainers and in fact 6.94 million people in the U.S. have seen hip-hop concerts within a time frame of 12 months prior to spring 2008. In the hip-hop world there has been entertainment news recently about Jay Z. Jay Z earned his eleventh number one album on the Billboard 200. With his most recent album Jay Z beat out Elvis, for the record of most number one albums released by a solo artist. Another fun fact about hip hop is that in July of 2011, Hip-hop had received the most “likes” on Facebook from college students in America more than any other musical genre. This shows how important the influence and popularity of hip hop is on the music industry.

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