Looking To Remodel the Kitchen You Will Need a New Cooktop for Sure

Whirlpool gas range

Go ahead and treat yourself. Consider the idea of a full kitchen remodel. Your heart stops at the thought, I know. Just think, a new oven and range are only a remodel away. I would suggest you start looking at some catalogs now. Check out the available selection of GE ovens, GE electric cooktops or GE gas cooktops. And consider some Capital cooktops as well.

Capital cooktops come in a variety of options for you, so that you can find one to fit any of your kitchen remodel dreams. Below you will find a selection so that you can start brainstorming your kitchen immediately.

1. Culinarian Series

This Capital cooktop can be found in 30, 36, 48, and 60 inch ranges. It is a gas rangetop with powerful, open-top burners, with up to 23,000 BTUs per hour. You are able to turn all of the burners down to True Simmer setting, which keeps the contents in the pot between 138 and 145 degrees. A cast iron wok grate is available as an accessory, and the drip trays are fully and easily removable for full cleaning.

2. Maestro Series

At 64,000 BTUs, this is the most powerful cooktop that Capital has to offer. This one only comes in the 36 inch option. It also has the True Simmer setting on its burners. All of the burners have their own electric ignition and re-ignition. The metal knobs are die-cast and then chrome plated for comfortable grip and easy cleaning. There is a reversible central wok grate, as well as a cast iron, porcelain coated finish.

3. Precision Series

This series comes with the same size options that you can find in the Culinarian series. It comes with four Power-Flo burners, as well as the wok built right in. Each sealed burner puts out up to 19,000 BTUs, and the wok can put out as many as 25,000 BTUs. Once again, all burners offer the True Simmer capability. Drip trays can be easily and fully removed on this model as well. And the knobs are the same as the Maestro. The biggest difference with the Precision series is that it has a double Thermo-Griddle included. The griddle is a three-eights inch thick, thermostatically controlled griddle plate. Making for even, easily controlled heating.

So do not settle for another bland cooktop with the remodel. Dip into your savings and splurge. Get the best one around and cook the best meals on top of it. Continue reading here.

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  1. i am drooling at the precision series. would that i could have so good a cooking surface.

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