Need To Sell Something? Call in to the Swap Shop Radio

Swap shop radio

There is only one program that lets you listen before you shop and Shop Radio is that program. With Swap and Shop Radio you are exposed to all of the best ads for all of the latest things for sale and trade, all without picking up a newspaper or a checking a Craigslist ad. It is like yard sale heaven, being able to hear about specifics that you can just call on, rather than searching through dozens of garage sales on the off chance that something may catch your eye.

Perhaps you are not lucky enough to know what Swap Shop Radio is. Maybe where you live does not have Radio Swap Shop on its air waves. In that case, an explanation is in order. The concept is quite simple. It is essentially an audio Craigslist. The host opens the show and encourages people to call in with what they are selling or what they want to buy or trade. Then, during the run of the program, people will do just that. People will call in and advertise what they have for sale over the air. As the show has a wide footprint and a substantial audience, there is almost always someone who will be interested in a purchase or trade.

The proponents for Radio Swap Shop can be found in the show testimonials on the website. You can go and peruse user comments, and see nothing but praise. Very commonly people will say that within an hour of their call on the radio, they got a call from a buyer. This usually leads to the sale of more stuff that the original seller has, and even starts friendships between the Radio Swap Shop staff, the sellers and the buyers.

The idea for the swap and shop radio show has been around for over 30 years in one iteration or another, and has been perfected along the way. No matter the area, whether Florida or Nebraska, listeners out there in radio land love to hear the specifics that people are buying and selling, and clearly love the convenience of being able to just call someone they heard advertise on the show. When is the last time you listened?

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