How Do Dry Cleaning Services Work?

Hiring excellent dry cleaning services is a must if you want to keep your clothes looking great. But how do these services even work? Today, we’ll talk a little bit more about how dry cleaning services work and why they’re so important for your nice clothes.

One of the first things you need to know about dry cleaning is that there’s really nothing “dry” about it.

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The clothes are placed into a liquid solution to get the cleaning process started. Most dry cleaning solutions are created with hydrocarbon, which is 100% safe for all types of clothing. The thing that makes dry cleaning different from regular washing is the solution the clothes get wet in. It’s not just water — it’s a carefully balanced mixture of cleaning agents that gently remove dirt and grime from clothes.

Once the clothes have been gently washed, it’s time to remove the solvent and dry them. Removing the solvent and drying are one in the same. After that, the clothes will get sent for professional pressing. This ensures that not a single crease is out of place on your nicest suit jackets and dresses.

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