5 Rarest Body Piercings Youve Never Seen

Just like tattoos, there are many unusual places where people will get body piercings. Piercings are no longer exclusive to the earlobe, and with each passing day, people are getting more creative. Most of these rare piercings are done on the cartilage tissue, which is present in many body areas. What are the most unusual piercings you can get from a body piercing company?

According to the narrator in the video, the rarest body piercing is the rhino piercing. This body piercing goes straight through the tip of the nose, with the curved barbell being held in place by circular ends.

Video Source

Some people take it a notch higher and use spike tips to secure the barbell.

The second rarest body piercing is the transverse earlobe piercing. Rather than being affixed in the middle of the lobe, the barbell stretches the entire diameter of the earlobe.

The third rarest body piercing is the mantis piercing. This is a nostril piercing, but the difference is it’s affixed to the tip of the nose.

The fourth rarest body piercing is the nasal piercing and perhaps the most extreme body piercing. Why? Because it goes through the nose cartilage.

The fifth rarest body piercing is the sep drill piercing. People need to have an existing septum piercing and have it stretched.

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