Lab vs Natural Diamonds Does It Matter?

If you’ve ever encountered a lab diamond while shopping for diamond jewelry, perhaps you want to know what they are and how they differ from natural diamonds. Here’s everything you need to know about natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are, in fact, genuine diamonds just like natural diamonds.

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However, instead of growing on the Earth, they were grown in labs. At first glance, there’s no difference visually between diamonds created in a lab versus natural diamonds. They still sparkle and come with the same clarity and color. Also, they come in the same shapes and sizes.

In addition, the main element in both lab and natural diamonds is carbon. The only difference between them is that natural diamonds come with a small amount of nitrogen, while lab diamonds don’t. While some doubt their authenticity, lab diamonds are not fake. They’re real diamonds, as they have the same visual properties and chemicals as natural diamonds. Even though there is no difference in appearance, lab and natural diamonds differ in rarity, value, cost, and sustainability. They can be colorless, near colorless, or come in a variety of candy colors. Likewise, they come in all shapes, like princess, round, oval, and cushion.

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