Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

The video starts with Sasha and Melissa saying they will be talking about their most dramatic before and after bathroom renovations.
The Westmount kid’s bathroom combines the tub and shower, which allows for extra storage. This bathroom preserves the historical feel, while still evoking a whimsical feel.

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It combines a monochromatic theme with a bit of color.

The Halifax ensuite renovation features white and bright colors. The bathroom has a freestanding tub, which has a circular window right above it. A nautical feel is the main idea behind this renovation project.
The Leclair powder room renovation project features a vanity that also offers storage space. It uses monochromatic colors, but with occasional pops of color. This idea made use of wallpaper to bring the room to life and give it some personality.

The Westmount ensuite renovation project saw them changing the layout completely. It features a pocket door at the entryway of the ensuite.
The last bathroom features pinstriped Mediterranean teal walls. The color evokes a feeling of depth and coolness. It also features a white vanity with storage space below.

Keep these ideas at the back of your mind for your bathroom renovation project.

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