Swap Shop Radio Can Increase Flagging Station Ratings

Swap shop

Are you a radio station owner combating declining ratings? Do you want something in your lineup that attracts listeners? There are ways to attract listeners without resorting to nationally syndicated talk shows, and thereby exorbitant talk show fees. Adding a swap shop radio to your lineup successfully rejuvenates sagging ratings for both AM and FM formats.

Swap shop radio shows are one of the oldest and least used talk show formats in the U.S. Started sixty years ago in Florida, swap shop radio shows have listeners exchange rare and hard to find items on air. For instance, a shop and shop radio program in Florida attracts callers who have found shipwreck relics and other maritime curiosities, and broadcast a description of the product, as well as an asking price. Callers then call in with bids, and an exchange can be made. Even if the buyer insists on seeing the goods before transacting, the swap shop radio show attracts and locks in bids. In effect, it acts as a city wide auction house.

Swap shop radio programs attract ratings because they are interactive. Buyers and sellers from the same media market can meet on a common forum that is more personal than the Internet, and often more lively. Oftentimes, a good swap and shop radio host can even inject a level of drama and excitement, making the show entertaining as well. Additionally, swap shop radio programs, such as the KSID radio swap shot in Nebraska, can entice listeners with the thrill of the new and unexpected. With enough entertainment, audiences are kept engaged, and ratings are sure to go up.

Radio swap shop shows have not caught on, despite how effective they are at attracting viewers. That means there is opportunity to attract viewers away from major radio stations, and more towards independently owned radio stations. With swap shop radio shows, you can start building your brand, and be on your way as a major force in the media market.

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