5 Fun Styles to Pair with Baseball Caps

As summer draws to an end, it’s soon time for back to school season. During this time, it’s important that children are able to get their school supplies. However, much of your spending during this time will be on clothing. Statistics show that back to school season is the second most popular shopping period of the year for consumer spending. Another study found that 55% of a household’s back to school budget is spent yearly on clothing. Considering that, it’s important to have plenty of stylish ideas ready before school begins. With that in mind, here are five fun styles to try with baseball caps.

  1. The High Ponytail

    Of course, pulling your ponytail through standard girls baseball caps is easy. If you’re wanting something a little easier, try wearing ponytail caps. These items look identical to normal baseball caps, except they have more room for your ponytail. Pony cap Continue reading 5 Fun Styles to Pair with Baseball Caps