Your Eye Health Needs A Boost Here’s What Prescription Sunglasses Can Do To Protect You From UVA Rays

Think sunglasses are only for the sweltering summer heat? Think again!

Your eyes need just as much tender care as your skin, teeth and muscles. When you go outside for hours at a time you expose them to UV rays that can degrade their ability to discern color and see in the dark. Just like you would apply sunblock to reduce your risk of sun cancer, so too should you invest in durable polarized sunglasses to keep your eyes protected as much as possible. Today’s sunglasses are a marvel of human ingenuity, coming with indestructible frames, photochromic lenses and customized options.

Wear them in the winter, in the summer or just as a fashion statement. Here’s how to choose the right one for you.

Did You Know?

It’s easy to take eye health for granted. It’s not as straightforward as brushing your teeth, after all, and can seem almost overblown when you start to look at statistics. There’s truth to your eye sensitivity, however, and they should be taken care of if you want to keep your vision in-tact during your golden years! People have worn sun-blocking eyewear for much longer than you think, with some historians estimating as far back as 2,000 years. Sunglasses are simply a modern incarnation of a very old need to keep the eyes as fresh and healthy as possible.

Sunglasses In America

A nice pair of shades is about as mundane as car keys or chapstick. In fact, one survey found an American will lose, break or sit on a pair of sunglasses ever 15 minutes. The United States has a popular image the world over of beautiful beaches, tasty burgers and huge shades…and it’s a well-earned visual. Life Magazine published an article on the growing popularity of sunglasses, estimating just 30% are actually bought and worn to protect the eyes. More often than not they’re a fashion statement to make a sundress or flashy t-shirt really pop.

Health Benefits Of Sunglasses

What are the consequences of not taking good care of your eye health? You can exacerbate an already existing condition like nearsightedness, for one. You can also speed up your risk of cataracts. Today over 75% of adults wear plano sunglasses prescribed by their doctor. These do the dual work of giving them a little relief while driving, shielding already sensitive eyes from frustrating glare, as well as fulfilling any additional health needs. Back in 2012 over 95 million units of plano sunglasses were sold across the country. Which one suits you is best determined by an eye specialist.

Popular Features For Sunglasses

Here are a few popular features you can look into to help you find the perfect pair. Indestructible frames are useful if you find yourself constantly dropping your sunglasses or sitting on them by accident. These are also great for children who aren’t as careful with their eye health as they could be! Wraparound sunglasses are ideal for sports or exercise, able to fit snugly on your head without digging into your scalp. You can also order multiple pairs with different colors to make sure your wardrobe is always looking sweet.

Buying The Right Pair Of Shades

Let’s face it. All that staring at computer screens for hours and hours a day isn’t doing your eyes any favor. Even the cloudy winter months can still see harmful UV rays getting in the way of your eye health and leaving you in a bad spot years down the road. General purpose cosmetic lens are required to block at least 70% of UVB rays, while general purpose need to block 95% of UVB and most UVA light. Special purpose is by far the most powerful, even more so when you couple the design with indestructible frames.

Take good care of your eyes. Ask a specialist how indestructible frames and a powerful lens combo can have you looking good…figuratively and literally!

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