Why Everyone Should Donate Clothing They No Longer Wear

Every year, folks get rid of clothing they no longer wear, fit into, or have a use for. In 2011 alone, over 2 million tons of clothing and household goods were donated to a charity when it was determined individuals no longer needed these items. The choice to donate clothing is an important one since it allows others to make use of possessions that are no longer serving you. Here are a few reasons why everyone should consider giving their used clothing to charity, and how others can benefit from it.

Many Charities Offer Donation Pick Up

One reason why many people choose not to donate is that they believe it’s somehow going to be difficult to unload their unwanted clothing and items. It doesn’t have to be this way through when they make use of clothing pick up offered by a charity. The charity comes to the individual’s house and picks up donations either with someone at home, or they simply take items that are left on the curb on a pre-arranged date. Check with a local organization, because many offer charity clothing pickup.

Many People Want to Give, and Clothing Donations Make That Possible

Over 95% of people make a point to perform some act of charitable giving every year. Many do this because they believe there is a void that they can help fix, and also because they feel a personal tie or connection to the community they serve. By giving clothing to those in need, they help individuals who could not otherwise afford this luxury. The ability to donate clothing isn’t hard, and it’s something that everyone can do since most people have boxes and even closets full of items they no longer need and aren’t sure what to do with.

The Ability to Donate Clothing Serves Two Purposes

Many people think when they donate clothing, it just goes directly to those who need it. But clothing and other household items can also be resold at a price, with the proceeds going to charities that make it possible to provide aid for all kinds of individuals in need. In fact, most people purchase over 9 pounds of clothing every year, meaning that industries that resell the used clothing stand to make a profit. This kind of aid helps just about any charity, providing greater alternatives of raising funds.

There are many ways to help by donating clothing that one no longer wears. many organizations can arrange pickup, making it easier to get the clothing out of the house. Most folks want to help and are ready to donate if they see their items can be of use to someone else. Finally, donating clothing serves two purposes: it can go directly to individuals who need it, or it could be resold, with the profits going to help charities. Either way, it’s important to recycle the clothing and use it to help others improve their lives.

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