Why Are Derbies And Oxfords So Popular?

Exotic mens shoes

What makes a strong outfit? This is as a simple question with a million different answers. Some would say color is the most important element and a single hue out of place can lay to waste hours of work. Others would cite good materials as the key visual choice between ‘stylish’ and ‘what were you thinking?’. If you’re looking to give your wardrobe an overhaul without going overboard, try looking into exotic skin shoes. A nice pair of shoes can complete any outfit, keep you comfortable and even cultivate strong first impressions. With the shoe market only raking in more money year after year, you’ll never be at a shortage of options when looking for the ultimate visual touch-up.

How Popular Are Dress Shoes?

If there’s one great equalizer, it’s a pair of great dress shoes. Men’s dress shoes have been found to account for at least 6% of the shoe market share and designer footwear has seen an impressive 40% retail value sales growth over the past five years. When it comes to the total American population? General Millennials (between the ages of 18 and 34) and Millennial men alike have been considered a key consumer base in personal accessories, reaching 75 million people as of recent years. Exotic skin shoes or designer lace up shoes, there’s a good pick for just about anybody of any taste!

What Are Exotic Skin Shoes?

For those that want something flashy and unique, exotic skin shoes are the way to go. Stingray, crocodile and python all fall under the ‘other’ category in most shoe departments, making exotic leathers account for just 1% of globally-traded leathers. That means you’ll have no problem standing out at a party! The average consumer will have around four leather items on their person at any one time and it’s not hard to see why — leather products have been popular for centuries for their durability, elegance and flexibility.

What Are Classic Shoes?

Maybe you want to go for something a little more subdued. You’re more than covered in the dress shoe department, as a significant portion are geared toward those who want to combine the classic with the functional. Formal lace-up shoes are generally split into two categories — Derbies and Oxfords — and can look just as good at a casual get-together as a formal date. While different shades of brown and gray are rather popular muted choices that go with just about any get-up, you can also pick up a pair of artisan shoes in bolder hues like purple and blue to shake things up.

How Do I Take Care Of Leather Shoes?

The last thing you want to do is buy a pair of exotic skin shoes or pink Oxfords only to have them become worn out in just a few months. Thankfully, leather can be remarkably long-lasting if you give them a little love. Rotate your shoes at least once every other day to allow your shoes time to ‘snap’ back into shape and consider investing in shoe trees to increase their lifespan — these come in either plastic or wooden models, allowing your shoes to retain their shape and texture when not in use. Wooden versions, in particular, can even absorb the moisture and odor in the shoe.

Which Shoes Are Right For Me?

Your wardrobe acts like the paint and brushes for your canvas. With exotic skin shoes or designer leather shoes you can give your visual composition a prime touch-up to carry you through the day or night. Exotic skin shoes might be the ideal choice for those looking to add a little flair to their closet, while more classic shoes are perfect if you just want to cover the basics. If you take good care of your shoes you can even save money in the long run, since leather lasts a long time and will keep you from buying unnecessarily. Ready to look your best? Choose the option that beats the rest.

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