What Micropigmentation Treatment Is Like

Are you interested in transforming the look of your head? Are you prematurely balding, or if you’re tired of having a bald or spotty head, then micropigmentation treatment might be for you. This treatment doesn’t restore your hair, but corrects your hairline and restores the shape your hair would have on your head. Achieve a buzz-cut look and look younger and cleaner. In this video, you will get an inside look so you can see just what getting micropigmentation treatment is like and decide if it’s something you’d like to do.

Video Source

The treatment begins with first identifying where to draw your hairline. This is based on your head and face and any hair you do have, and the style you’re going for. You will work with an expert to create a plan for a hairline that you’re happy with. The expert will then draw it right onto your head and can make adjustments throughout the process. Next, the expert will identify a color match for the hair. Finally, the expert will use a micropigmentation pen to dot the scalp with color.


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