What Every American Should Know About The Many Benefits Of Charitable Donations Here In The United States

If you’re looking to give to charity but don’t have enough money to give a monetary amount, you are far from alone. After all, more than 95% of all people here in the United States give to charity in some capacity, and it’s very safe to assume that many of these people aren’t well off enough or even financially stable enough to give in the form of a monetary donation. Fortunately, however, there are a number of other ways to give back to charity, such as in the donation of used goods like textiles and old clothing.

After all, most people will be able to make charitable donations in the form of used clothing donations, as the average person now owns more clothing than ever before. In fact, a typical adult will consume more than 68 articles of clothing in just one year, with the average woman owning around 30 outfits, just about one for every single day of the month. In comparison, and to see how our clothing consumption has grown exponentially over the years, data shows that the typical woman living in the United States in the 1930s would only own around nine total outfits.

The average closet is therefore likely to be filled with clothing that could easily be donated in the form of charitable donations. With the average home containing as many as 300,000 objects – if not more – inside of it, such charitable donations are likely to be hugely beneficial to the person in question as well as the charities that they are making these charitable donations to. And if this person has had a piece of clothing for more than six months without wearing it (in a one to two season climate, at least), this article of clothing should likely be passed on in the form of charitable donations.

And when deciding to make such charitable donations, you’ll have a wide array of charities to choose from. Charities for military families, for instance, can be hugely beneficial and can be found in many different parts of this country. In fact, such charities for military families and military personnel themselves can make a huge difference in the lives of so many people from coast to coast – and everywhere in between as well.

But charitable donations like used clothing donations are hugely important from an environmental standpoint as well. After all, the average person will throw away up to ten pounds of clothing alone each and every year, clothing that unfortunately ends up getting sent straight to a landfill in the area. And up to 82 pounds of various other textile wastes are disposed of by every single person (on average) over the course of the year as well. And with a recovery rate for textiles at only just over 15%, there is a great deal of improvement that can be made to reduce clothing and textile waste.

Fortunately, more and more clothing is being given in the form of charitable donations than ever before – and the average person is likely to purchase up to ten pounds of this used clothing by the time that a single year has elapsed, a mere 12 months. Though ten and a half million tons of clothing are sent to landfills, the 15% of all clothing that is given in the form of charitable donations or otherwise donated keeps billions of pounds of clothing from ever seeing a landfill. Fortunately, these statistics are only likely to get more and more positive with each and every year not only here in the United States but all around the world as a whole as well.

And giving charitable donations is incredibly easy, especially when it comes to donating clothes. After all, donation pick up locations can be found in many places all throughout the country and often just require you to drop off your clothes and be on your way. And some charitable establishments allow you to make charitable donations right then and there, processing what you have given them on the spot.

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