Top three reasons why Planet Blue is more than fashion

Blue life

Real fashion is very hard to define although the general definition is trend in clothing. When you go to the malls and retail stores and look at what they have to offer, most certainly you will have fashionable clothes simply because they are trendy. But that is not true fashion. It is more like wearing a uniform. True fashion is more than a trend, it is a statement of certain lifestyle in the most trendy manner. This is what you can see from Planet blue. Planet Blue is not a retail store of trendy clothes. Moreover, Planet Blue offers more than clothes or outfit that are beautifully designed. In fact it offers more than what the highly exclusive designer stores offer. So what is Planet Blue? Well, to clarify, here are the top three reasons why Planet Blue is more than fashion.

First, Planet Blue is Blu Moon. Blue Moon is chic bohemian clothing. It is not your traditional chic clothes, dresses and accessories. It is unconventional and yet fashionable. It is for those who want to appreciate freedom, creativity and fashion. The Blue Moon collection includes the gypsy pants, tops and dress for no bohemian look would be complete without it. But what makes Blue Moon gypsy outfits stand out from the traditional gypsy style is that they are indeed as trendy and as fashionable as they can get. Then there are the 70s style dresses which makes use of colors, texture and cut to create a perfect ensemble for a night out or a casual party. The 70s are reminiscent of the disco slit dress worn by many celebrities in Studio 54. And yet, just like the gypsy dresses, they are as modern and trendy as the clothes worn by many celebrities today in parties, events and even awards nights. Wearing Blue moon dresses will surely turn heads, as they are simply gorgeous. They are also perfect for casual and even formal affairs. That shows you what bohemian is.

Second, Planet Blue is Blue Life. Blue life is actually the perfect example of the way Planet Blue used Southern Californian lifestyle as inspiration for many of its outfits. The Southern Californian lifestyle of enjoying a more relaxed and laid back life is elevated into a fashion by Planet Blue. This is quite apparent in Blue Life. Here you can see knit line of really trendy outfits that are perfect for the beach, a day out in the sun, or a night out on the town. What makes the collection even trendier and fashionable are the prints and the cuts. You just have to see them for yourself to see how the Southern Californian lifestyle is transformed into fashion.

Lastly, Planet Blue has a wide range of accessories you can choose from. They complete your look. From rings to hats, to sunglasses, they add that perfect touch. And with the right accessory, you can switch to casual to formal, to everyday look.

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