Three Subtle Changes To Your Do For a New You

What are the different types of hair extensions

Hair is serious business for women. So why is it that after a breakup or divorce, nearly a third of women will dye or cut their hair? The answer is easier than you might think.

A hairstyle change takes something emotional and makes it physical. In a study of 3,000 women, 61% said they chose a new hairstyle as a means of change. A new hairstyle means new beginnings. According to Eloise Cheung, ?Dramatic hair changes are a way of shedding the past and moving on.?

For those women who aren?t as comfortable with the dramatic, but who still want a hairstyle change after a breakup, here are some possible options.

Hair dye

If dramatic cuts aren?t your style, consider going to a hair salon and having a hair stylist add highlights or lowlights to your hair. These small changes to your hair can give you the pick-me-up you need without making you completely unrecognizable.

If highlights aren?t your thing, consider changing your hair color. Specialists suggest dying your hair only a shade or two darker or lighter than your natural hair color in order to keep your hair looking natural. So if you?re a natural blonde and you?re looking for a subtle change, stay away from the black hair dye.

Sew in hair extension services

If you have short hair, sew in hair extensions give you the ability to have the length and volume you may be looking for at the snap of your fingers. Not only are there multiple colors to choose from, but you also have the options of using synthetic hair or real hair so the texture of the extensions will make the texture of your natural hair. While some sew in hair extensions may be expensive, costing up to $10,000, there are also cheaper options costing as low as $300 depending on your geographical area.

Get a trim

If dramatic haircuts aren’t your thing, consider a more subtle haircut such as adding or razoring your bangs, creating layers, or a getting a simple trim. If you haven’t had a haircut in a while, a trim will take off up to four inches of your hair, so in a way, it is a dramatic haircut but one that’s necessary to keep your hair happy and healthy.

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