These are the Best Facial Tools Straight From an Esthetician

If you’ve been stressed lately, or just want to add a new element to your sin routine, then a facial is without-a-doubt the way to go. Facials help relax the muscles in your face through massage, moisturizers, and exfoliation. If you’ve been experiencing stress acne, or find yourself getting headaches from an achy face, then try out a facial.

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Before you choose the first face mask you see on Amazon, let a licensed esthetician give you her input on the best facial tools on the market today. This video illustrates the top recommended products to give you face the self care it deserves.

A facial roller can do a world of good on your facial muscles, and the clear quartz roller from Teami provides a cool massaging experience that other cheaper brands simply can’t match. Putting it in the fridge causes it to do a magnificent job penetrating product into your skin. Next, this esthetician recommends an LED mask for face care. This mask helps to prevent inflamed skin irritation and also helps to get rid of pimples quickly. Finally, Ultrasonic Waves helps to clean dirt out of your pores quickly and easily.


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