The Right Time to Use Cotton Bags

Bags are universally used to carry items around, and a common scenario for bag use is when a person has gone shopping. Most often today, grocery stores and other stores make use of thin plastic bags, since such bags are very lightweight, affordable in large numbers, and have become the industry standard. Many billions of plastic bags are used every year, but these bags have come under some scrutiny. It has become abundantly clear that these cheap, plastic bags are quite harmful for the natural environment, and many “go green” initiatives call for replacing them with cotton or nylon alternatives. A grocery store may take part in this and find cotton tote bags wholesale online to purchase from suppliers. A store owner may search “cotton tote bags wholesale Los Angeles CA” or “cotton tote bags wholesale Boston MA” to find a local supplier. And that’s not all. Cotton tote bags wholesale supplies are purchased by companies, but gift tote bags, wedding tote bags, white canvas tote bags, and more are commonly available for everyday Americans to buy, too. There are plenty of good reasons to try out these bags. What are they?

The Problem of Plastic

There is no question that plastic grocery bags are the norm, and a person may use them from many different stores. Grocery stores frequently make use of them, as do more specialized outlets such as fast food restaurants who offer to-go food, hobby shops, department stores, and even video game outlets. These stores may have their brand printed on those plastic bags, and such bags may vary in size, thickness, and color. These bags are very price friendly for stores to buy wholesale and store on their premises, but such bags are known to contribute to pollution rates. These plastic bags don’t degrade, and they may rapidly fill up a landfill or choke natural environments. In fact, many species of wildlife either choke on plastic waste or accidentally eat it. In the oceans, whales and turtles and other species may mistake such bags for jellyfish and other food and eat them. These bags will take up space in their stomachs and even cause the animal to starve. Many dead marine animals have been opened up, and plastic trash was found in their stomachs. For these reasons and more, Americans are urged to swap out plastic bags for reusable cotton and nylon ones instead.

Cotton Bags to Use

Americans use a lot of plastic bags every year, but that number may be cut way down if a lot more cotton and nylon bags are used in their place. Statistics back up this idea. Just one person using reusable plastic bags over their lifetime can remove around 22,000 plastic bags from the environment. And that’s just one person. Every year, one trillion plastic bags are used, but thousands of people phasing them out in favor of reusable bags may save many millions of plastic bags from ending up as trash. Jut one reusable bag may, in its lifetime, take the place of some 700 plastic bags.

Eliminating pollution is a major reason to use these cotton bags, but the benefits don’t stop there. Plastic bags are thin and may sometimes break, even if double-bagged, especially when carrying heavy, large, or pointed items. A cotton bag is much more durable and may be ideal for carrying heavy or hard items of all kinds without breaking. Such bags may also look attractive and may simply be brought with the shopper when they visit a store.

Such bags can be further specialized if need be. A person can use a wine tote or a cooler bag that has insulation in it, and may have flaps and lids that zip closed. Those bags are a fine choice for carrying cold-sensitive items such as wine bottles, frozen desserts, or anything else, such as for a picnic or other outdoor event. Plastic bags would be a poor alternative for that. Finally, a more festive use for reusable bags is as gift bags, and this may be done at a birthday party or even a wedding. Guests may be given thematic items in decorated small bags, which may be colorful and fun.

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