The Importance Of Representation In The Media And Popular Culture

When it comes to entertainment news, the scope and spread of it is perhaps more important than we think it to be. Though many of use think of entertainment news and celeb gossip sites as simply methods of meaningless entertainment, this is not always the case. Celebrity news can provide representation to communities that do not see much of it elsewhere, and celebrities can provide positive role models to all different types of people from all different types of backgrounds.

Black entertainment news, for example, has become increasingly more important and more popular as the push for representation of African American people has risen. We are learning more and more just how crucial representation is, and that we cannot ignore the impact of it. And black entertainment news showcases a wide variety of successful black and African American celebrities, allowing young children and young people all across the country to find good and inspiring examples to follow in popular media and in the latest entertainment news sources.

There are many examples of successful black and African American people who provide positive examples in various outlets of the latest Hollywood entertainment news, black entertainment news and otherwise. Take Will Smith for example, a cultural icon who is beloved by all different types of people from various different backgrounds. Will Smith has truly become a household name. And he’s got the success to back it up too, with the vast majority of films that he has taken part in grossing over more than one hundred million dollars when all is said and done. He is now considered to be one of the top paid actors in the entire film industry.

His success is paralleled by the successful African American actor, Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington has made a considerable name for himself in the film industry alongside Will Smith, and was actually the second African American man to ever win an Oscar. Since then, he has gone on to win one more, bringing him to a grand total of two Oscars, a remarkable feat for anyone, regardless of their race.

Of course, we cannot forget about Oprah, who grew up in poverty and with little to her name. Oprah beat all of the odds to become one of the most successful people alive, with a television talk show that ran for more than twenty seasons by the time it finally concluded. By the end of her very first season, it had grossed more than one hundred and twenty million dollars. Tyra Banks is another successful media mogul who represents the African American community, and she has had more than one popular television show, from her talk show to the well known and well regarded America’s Next Top Model. Before her days as a television host, she was a popular and well booked model and even became, in the year of 1996, the first African American woman to model for the cover of GQ magazine. In that same year, she was also the first African American model to the pages of yearly Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Black artists in the music industry have also found a great deal of success – particularly the power couple that is made up by Jay Z and Beyonce, who have achieved success both separately and together. Jay Z has had a long and successful career, and it is still going strong. He has currently had a total of eleven albums that have become a number one album, and on top of this has beat out Elvis in terms of success (at least when it comes to chart topping music). His net worth is currently at an estimated six hundred and fifty million dollars. His wife, Beyonce, is one of the most highly regarded female artists on the music scene today and has a net worth of around four hundred and fifty million dollars, making her not only one of the most prominent and successful female musical artists not only here in the United States, but all around the world.

Entertainment news has more impact than many of us realize, and the importance of representation matters quite significantly.

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