The Importance of Protecting Yourself Against the Harmful Health Effects of Laptop Radiation

Emf protection blanket

There are many silent killers that Americans are faced with nowadays, from pollutants in the air, contaminants in the public water supply, the toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in the agricultural industry, and of course, the standard American diet that’s rife with preservatives, saturated fats, sodium, artificial ingredients, and other harmful substances.

The toxicity of all these things are pretty much common knowledge at this point, but what many people don’t realize is the laptop radiation, and the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by other tech gear and devices is just as harmful, if not worse. Just think about it – you’re constantly emerged in and engaged with technology. Your laptop is always is your lap! Long term and frequent exposure to laptop radiation has been known to have several adverse health effects, and EMF dangers have even been linked to infertility.

But you’re not helpless in protecting yourself against harmful laptop radiation effects. EMF blockers, such as laptop radiation shields, are one of many highly effective ways to block EMF. You should never use a laptop without a radiation shield or EMf protection of some kind, especially if you’re using for an extending period of time and it will be close to your body. Similarly, you should never speak on your cell phone with it close to your head for long periods of time either. There’s a reason why smart phones come with radiation warnings! Unfortunately, not many people heed them!

In order to protect yourself from EMF emitted from other devices, you might want to consider other forms of EMF protection, such as stylish EMF jewelry and even full body protection. While you might think this sounds like overkill, just think about all the harmful effects of EMF and what it could be doing to your body. EMF radiation has been linked to several chronic health conditions and mood disorders, and can leave you feeling less than vital.

If you’re pregnant or have young children, EMF protection is especially important. In fact, anyone in your home with a compromised or developing immune system, such as those undergoing chemotherapy, cancer treatment, those with AIDS or HIV, and the elderly, can be especially sensitive to EMF, so it’s important to take measures to minimize exposure.

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