the Benefits of Custom Company Apparel in Branding

T-shirts are one of the most commonly worn clothing items throughout the world. There are roughly two billion t-shirts sold globally each year. Over 60% of all American adults assert that they own more than ten t-shirts. Custom company apparel is an ideal why to promote a business. When people where t-shirts with the branding of a specific company, it creates and strengthens brand awareness. The more people there are wearing a particular brand’s t-shirt, the more the name and logo is being exposed to other people.

When growing a brand, name and visual recognition is the goal. Too often smaller companies look for immediate results from their advertising efforts. For example, they may put an ad in a local paper and assume it didn’t work if they don’t have new customers come in as a result of that single ad. Individual ads may work when promoting a specific event or sale, but building a brand is the result of constant and consistent exposure to the company’s name and logo.

Custom company apparel is ideal because in addition to increased exposure, it provides indirect personal referrals. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective advertising options, but it is not something that can be forced. It must grow organically. However, when people where a t-shirt promoting a specific company, they are indirectly providing a personal referral for that company. Individuals are more likely to see notice a company name is someone close to them is wearing it on a t-shirt than a billboard they pass driving down the road.

Custom t-shirts are also idea for promoting and supporting nonprofit organizations, schools, or local sports teams. High school athletics benefit from spirit shirts because they can be used as fundraising apparel, but also because it strengthens the community around the school. The more visual support a district has, the more likely others will be to support and promote the district because it creates a strong sense of community.

Custom company apparel is perfect for a local organization’s fundraiser because it combines something local and personal with a t-shirt, which most people will see as more useful than many other items used in fundraising.

Particularly when trying to raise money for a school, school organization, or local sports team, parents get tired of selling things like candy, cookie dough, and gift wrap. A custom t-shirt allows them to support the organization while buying something affordable that is also useful.
Small business can also benefit from custom company apparel in the exposure versus relative cost of custom t-shirts. For example, when a company has their employees all wear a custom t-shirt, they are showing uniformity at work, but they are also promoting the business wherever the employee goes.

This will get the name of their business far more exposure than a stationary ad. When you run a stationary ad, you are dependent on potential customers going by your ad, which means your focus has to be on choosing a location or publication that will be seen the most by your target audience. However, when the ad is placed on a t-shirt that is given to multiple people, the ad is now mobile moving around town. The ad will appear in local establishments, stores, parks, and more. Anywhere it is worn, the company will be gaining exposure.

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