Ponytail Caps and Beanies Innovative Women’s Fashion

Comfort and Innovation

The women’s fashion industry can often times be impractical. The phrase “beauty is pain” is thrown around quite often, but we’re here to tell you that this doesn’t always have to be true. It is possible for the worlds of cute fashion and comfort to collide and with C.C ponytail caps and beanies, that’s exactly what they do. At Girlie Girl Originals we pride ourselves on providing clothing and accessories that are both comfortable and fashionable and these hats are a prime example of that.

Eliminate the Struggle

How many times have you put on a beanie to find that it pressed your hair uncomfortably down against your neck or the back of your head? Have you ever just wanted to put your hair up and out of the way but still be able to wear a warm hat out into the cold without discomfort?

There’s also the baseball cap struggle to think about. Low ponytails can be irritating and brush uncomfortably against your neck and back. Do you ever want to wear a cap and your favorite high ponytail at the same time?

With C.C crochet beanies and C.C caps for ponytails, the struggle is over. Put your hair into the high ponytail you love so much and slip one of our hats on with ease. These accessories come with a built in hole at the top back of the hat that you can pull your ponytail through. They are practical, but cute and made for everyone from sports players to those who just want to keep their head warm in the winter.

Never Sacrifice Comfort Again

C.C ponytail caps and beanies are not the only way to stay comfy and fashionable. You can also rock a jersey knit tee or long sleeve shirt, novelty socks, knit head wraps, and gloves. We even carry dog sweaters so that your dog can be warm and adorable right along with you!

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