Not Taking Vacations Can Actually Worsen Your Health What You Should Know About Relaxation

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Need to get away for the weekend? It’s time to start planning, as the United States is home to a bevy of beautiful locations that will be taken fast by countless also eager for a few days’ reprieve and fun. While some prefer to hit up their favorite campgrounds for a weekend filled with hiking, others may be more attuned to downtown areas and proximity for the beach. Whatever your personal preferences, weekly condo rentals may be what scratches your itch. Placed in prime locations and filled with useful amenities, weekly condo rentals hit that perfect spot of a short amount of time with an endless amount of comfort, convenience and beauty.

Vacation And Americans

We all love our vacation time. It’s perfect for putting up our feet and relaxing after a tough work week, allowing us to recharge our batteries and get back into the mental and physical groove to do it all over again. Studies have shown over 50% of employed American adults coming back and feeling distinctly refreshed after a vacation. Unfortunately, many Americans still don’t take regular time off each year and find their health deteriorating as a result.

Health And Lifestyles

Beachfront condo vacations aren’t just fun. They’re essential to keeping you physically and emotionally fit. Stress is a subtle yet powerful element, able to deteriorate your health almost entirely unchecked in the long-term and contributing to problems ranging from fatigue, trouble sleeping, lowered immune system and even a higher risk of heart disease. Studies have shown eight out of 10 affluent leisure travelers considering vacations to be extremely important to their well-being, with four out of 10 travelers also feeling more romantic after a good vacation.

Location And Preference

Now that we’re caught up on the necessities of a good vacation, let’s take a look at where everyone is going on their time off. Even now Florida is one of the most popular locales on the East coast — studies have shown over 1,000 new people moving to the state every day and the economy sees a whopping 87 million visitors on a yearly basis, making it the top travel destination worldwide. The tourism industry, in particular, sees an economic impact of $67 billion on the overall economy.

Features And Fun

What exactly does Florida have going for it? For starters there are over 1,300 golf courses strewn across the state, perfect for those that like to relax and have fun at the same time. Sanibel, with a total area of 33 square miles, is a barrier island off the coast of Florida’s southern Gulf — there are 0 traffic lights and, because of its strict building code, the island has an overall distant and secretive field that’s perfect for a peaceful weekend away from home. This was established during Florida’s early developmental boom back in the early 1960’s, making this one feature that won’t be going away any time soon.

Choosing A Good Vacation Spot

When the work week or studying has started to wear you down, it’s time to start planning your vacation. More than half of those who go out on vacation feel more rested and relaxed once they return, at 52%, while almost as many state they sleep later while on vacation at 49%. Florida remains a popular destination for its brilliant weather, wealth of activities and beautiful, distant islands — it also ranks low in terms of tax burden, with the Tax Foundation research organization ranking the state among the five lowest. Weekly condo rentals will not only provide you with a good place to kick up your feet, you won’t have to worry about meeting any of your needs. Ready to get your relaxation on?

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