MY FIRST BLOWOUT DryBar Experience

When it comes to doing your hair, the experience can vary. Getting your hair done can either be a simple task or a chore. With blow dry bars though this is made a lot simpler. In this video, a vlogger has been invited back to a blow dry bar for their reopening.

Video Source

A blow dry bar is a hair beauty salon that specializes in blow outs. They also do some hair coloring and hair styling if that’s what you’re looking for. The nice thing about a blow dry bar is that they have experience doing it. The hair stylists see hundreds of different heads a year so they have the tools best suited to deal with any type of hair thickness. The other nice thing about going to a blow dryer bar is that everything gets done for you. If you’ve ever tried doing a blow out on yourself, it can be extremely difficult. This is where getting your hair shampooed before getting a blow out professionally done helps a ton and these are all services that are offered at a hair salon.

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