Make a Scrunchie with Pom Poms

Do you love making your own fashion accessories? DIY fashion is always popular. One of the hottest items to make right now is a custom scrunchie. While there are many ways to make your own scrunchies, some of them are definitely flashier than others.

Take some time before you begin to hunt down tutorials to consider what you want your scrunchie to look like. Do you want it to be brightly colored? Do you want it to be a single color, or to include multiple colors? Do you have a particular outfit in mind for the scrunchie?

Scrunchies are very easy to make at home.

Video Source

You only need a small amount of fabric, some elastic cord, and a sewing machine. The video here shows you how to make a very flashy scrunchie with these materials and some pom poms. The pom pom scrunchie made in the video uses sheer fabric for the scrunchie with loose pompoms packed inside it. The final look is a rainbow of colors.

You can also purchase premade pom pom scrunchies online if you’re having trouble with the tutorial or want a slightly different look than you can get with the supplies available to you in your area.

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